Despite what looked like good news from Colorado with the upcoming recall of two anti-gun state senators, The Blaze reports that the state has passed a new law making it harder for citizens to obtain their concealed carry permit.

Previously, Colorado gun owners could take concealed carry classes through approved online courses, saving the residents time and money. But now, the new law forces citizens to attend in person, which means they’ll have a harder time fitting the class into a work schedule. Not only that, but classes in person will cost more due to a hired instructor and necessary facility.

The new law could endanger Colorado gun owners who would have been protected, but might not be able to attend or afford the new class.

According to The Blaze report,

In an age where you can buy a car or get a college degree without ever leaving the house, Colorado lawmakers have made one thing impossible to obtain from comfort of the couch: A concealed weapon permit.

A new law requires people to show a firearm instructor in person that they can safely handle a gun before they get a permit, seeking to close what lawmakers say is an Internet-era loophole they didn’t envision 10 years ago. While some will likely praise the move, others will find it restrictive.

“There was no thought of anyone going and sitting in front of a computer and doing the whole course online,” said Democratic Sen. Lois Tochtrop, a sponsor of the new law, and one of the legislators who voted in favor of Colorado’s concealed-carry law in 2003.

Even though there were signs the battle over gun control could be ending. It appears Colorado legislators are undeterred by the threat of recall, and will stop at nothing to remove your right to own a firearm.