Time for a little good news.  While most states have been busy devising ways to limit your Second Amendment right, N.C. legislators have approved a bill greatly expanding where concealed handguns are legally allowed.

Raleigh news outlet WTVD reports that the Republican-backed bill was approved by both the House and Senate on Tuesday.  If signed into law, the measure will allow concealed-carry permit holders to take firearms into bars and restaurants as long as the owner doesn’t expressly forbid it.

In addition, concealed carry holders will be allowed to store weapons in locked cars on the campus of any public university.  Other public recreation areas will allow guns to be possessed.

“Responsible people are generally the ones who have concealed carry,” said Rep. John Faircloth, (R) District 61. “They don’t want to get in trouble. They don’t want to ruin what they know was a good constitutional right.”

The legislation will now head to Governor Pat McCrory’s desk and is expected to be signed later this week. 

Great to see some states standing up and protecting what the Founding Fathers wanted!