Tenants of an apartment complex in Castle Rock, Colorado are being notified to get rid of their weapons or else prepare to be evicted.

According to 9News,

“A letter went out to the residents on August 1st saying they had until October 1st to comply with the updated ‘community policies’.  On page 2 is a brand new provision saying “firearms and weapons are prohibited.”

“As of October 1, residents cannot display, use, or possess any firearms or weapons of any kind, anywhere on the property.”

77 year-old retired Marine Art Dorsch tells reporters that his Second Amendment rights are in danger:

“It upsets me very much.  I’m a hunter. I’m a licensed conceal and carry person.  They want to take them all away from me.  They say I can’t live here,” Dorsch said.

Dorsch has multiple guns locked securely in a safe that help him feel at ease in his home.  But with the new policy, his decision could leave him homeless.

9News contacted a legal analyst, Scott Robinson, who said “in most cases, courts have supported the rights of landlords to impose “reasonable regulations” on tenants.

“The question is: is an outright ban of firearms reasonable in light of the US Constitution?” Robinson said.

Dorsch wholeheartedly believes that this issue goes beyond the Second Amendment.

“I’m vulnerable. I’m not safe,” Dorsch said.

If he loses his guns, Dorsch says he loses so much more.

“My freedom,” Dorsch said. “Yeah it’s emotional. Because I don’t think it’s fair.”

With barely enough money to live off of, Dorsch has ruled out an attorney and will have no choice but to leave his guns with a friend living thirty miles away.  But the retired marine still hopes he’ll be able to go hunting, as he carries on a tradition dating back to 1953.