Kyle on 'Conan' talks about snipers, SEALs

Chris Kyle

The military’s greatest sniper, Chris Kyle, appeared on the TBS TV program “Conan” Feb. 2, 2012 with host Conan O’Brien.

Kyle was murdered Feb. 2 at a gun range in Glen Rose, Texas. A friend of Kyle’s Chad Littlefield was also killed. Eddie Ray Routh was arrested and charged with gunning down the two men as they tried to help him with his own combat stress at the range.


The former SEAK was on the program to promote his book “American Sniper” that described his four tours in Iraq as a Navy SEAL sniper, who racked up more than 150 confirmed kills. Called the “Devil of Ramadi” by the insurgents, Kyle talked to O’Brien about the SEALs and being a sniper.

At one point, Kyle called the host, “Sir.”

“Don’t call me: ‘Sir,’ I’m a talk show host'” O’Brien told him.

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