Fact vs. Fiction: Does Gun Control Really Increase Community Safety?

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In a perfect world, gun control would, in fact, keep weapons out of the hands of violent offenders and the mentally unstable; but in a perfect world, citizens wouldn’t need to worry about protecting or defending themselves and their families. Unfortunately, case after case has shown that areas with stricter gun control laws are also home to the highest numbers of violent crime in this country. A perfect example of this is Chicago.

The Windy City is located in a state with some of the strictest gun control measures in the country, yet somehow the city is closing in on 500 shooting deaths this year alone. This correlation is nothing new. Bearing Arms recently published an article showing the same result in Democratic run cities – such as Baltimore and Newark. These areas have seen increases murder rates, despite their tough gun control measures.

The NRA-ILA also recently wrote about Chicago’s violent culture, and how gun control is clearly not a viable remedy for creating safer communities:

“The reality is that Illinois has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. Indeed, even the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence ranks Illinois 8th among the ten states with the strongest gun laws and awarded it a B+ rating in 2015…

Illinois concealed carry laws are also among the most stringent in the country. Applicants are required to take a 16-hour training course – the longest in the nation. While technically a ‘shall issue’ state, law enforcement agencies still have limited discretion to object to an individual being granted a license. Illinois also refuses to recognize any other state’s concealed carry license.”

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Sponsored by NRA-ILA