God forbid you’re pro-Second Amendment and in high school these days.

Take for example the case of high school junior Aryeh Rohde in South Whidbey, Washington. When other students were fashionably walking out to protest the evils of the Second Amendment, Rohde organized a counterprotest on Whidbey Island. His event was promptly shut down by the school’s principal.

Contrast this with just a few weeks earlier when the school closed to allow students to protest (via the South Whidbey Record).

Citing safety concerns, the campus of South Whidbey High School was closed Wednesday by Superintendent Jo Moccia, leaving parents, media and others unable to hear what students said during the protest.

Students in grades 9-12 were granted permission by the school board to participate in the walkout, seen as a lesson in civics. Parental permission was required for students in South Whidbey Middle School, grades 7 and 8.

Of course for Rohde, it was far more than just his principal shutting down a counterprotest for an “unapproved” cause. He’s also faced the sort of bullying gun-rights advocates have come to expect.

Aryeh Rohde says he’s been called a gun-crazy racist and a potential shooter for promoting gun rights.

Just ask Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv what that’s like (via Law & Crime).

“Kyle…you continue to disappoint. Trafficking in fantasies, fine. Your followers are infantile, your only form of debate is insult. And you wonder why I have no respect for you.”

Kashuv was also recently called a “terrorist,” among other things, for posting pictures of his first visit to the gun range on Twitter.

But back to Rohde’s. The reality here is very simple. The principal shut down his counter protest, not because he was dragging kids out of class, but because he was straying from the approved narrative.

Having long since lost the actual debate when real statistics are used, the left is reduced to their usual tactic–attack attack attack.

It’s irrelevant whether or not any of these new gun control proposals actually have merit. If you oppose them, you want kids to die. If you try to talk about the carnage in the inner cities, you’re racist. If you suggest that women should learn to defend themselves with a firearm, you’re “victim blaming.”

Then we’re the ones getting accused of not wanting to have a rational discussion.

It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s that it’s impossible. All the gun control types want is total surrender. There’s no compromise here, no civil disagreement. You either accede to what they want or they will destroy you.

Fortunately, we have young men like Mr. Rohde and Mr. Kashuv who are unwilling to bend the knee to anyone. Like good Americans.

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