TN Representative Tries Selling Cookies, Lemonade and an "AK-47" in Nashville

Don’t drink the Kool-Ai…,er, lemonade.

To demonstrate his belief that it’s just as easy to purchase an AK-47 as it is to buy lemonade in the State of Tennessee, Representative Mike Stewart, D-Nashville, did a bit of grandstanding when he set up a lemonade stand near the Nashville state Capitol Tuesday night.


“It’s not often you see an AK-47 on the side of the street,” said Stewart, whose claim is right – and that includes this exact instance since the gun Stewart brought was NOT an AK-47, but a semi-automatic rifle.

The ignorant stunt was Stewart’s attempt to highlight House Bill 1319 which “as introduced, requires, subject to certain exemptions, a sale or transfer of a firearm to be done through a federally licensed gun dealer; creates a Class B misdemeanor offense for sales or transfers that are not conducted through a gun dealer.”

Currently, private gun sales in Tennessee do not require a background check.

Rep. Mike Stewart said purchasing a gun in Tennessee is the same way you would buy cookies or lemonade: in cash from a private individual with no background check.

Stewart said he found and purchased a gun from within a few hours on Tuesday. Stewart said he met the seller in a parking lot to exchange cash for the rifle and five high capacity magazines.


As it’s well documented, it is not difficult for criminals or terrorists to obtain guns by simply ignoring laws and restrictions. Additional restrictive measures, such as HB 1319 serve only to put a further hindrance on law-abiding citizens.

Fortunately for the law-abiding gun owners, the bill failed to pass in the House on Wednesday. Rep. Stewart is safe to privately re-sell his “AK-47” without additional government regulation.

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