WaPo falsely associates racism and gun culture (and lies about Constitutional Carry)

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“Americans love bacon. Racists love bacon. The American diet highlights everyday racism – and bacon culture.”

The above statement is false but that’s essentially what The Washington Post’s David Nakamura and Hannah Knowles asserted in an article titled, “The hate-crimes trial of Arbery’s killers highlights everyday racism — and casual gun culture.’


We are all painfully familiar with the leftist media’s reporting on guns which is de facto disinformation. Whether it’s from ignorance, malevolence, or both is debatable, but the end product is still the same.

WaPo’s article shows the writers’ incredulity about gun ownership.

During the state trial last fall at which the McMichaels and Bryan were convicted of murdering Arbery, one woman said she owned a gun for protection despite not having been the victim of a crime in 30 years.”

My house has never caught on fire but I own fire extinguishers. I pay for homeowner’s insurance even though the odds of an adverse event are low. Most Americans have never had their homes burglarized, yet they lock their doors. It’s great that we live in an age of relative peace and tranquility but that may just be ephemeral.

Reporting on the Arbery case, the writers found it disconcerting enough to make a separate paragraph out of this one sentence:

When asked why he had a gun, Albenze replied: “It’s my right.”

Folks on the gun control side find it grating that a lawful citizen would insist on gun ownership as a right and refuse to provide any justification or apologia to explain his choice. The legal codification of this arrogant irritation has resulted in discretionary laws that convert rights into privileges. So when the WaPo talks about gun control laws, it’s not surprising that it misleads by hiding the whole truth as seen below:


Numerous U.S. states, including Georgia, have laws, some rooted in Civil War-era statutes, that allow citizens to make arrests and also have stand-your-ground laws granting an individual the right to fight an aggressor, even if the person being attacked can safely back away. Critics have said the laws encourage vigilantism.

Notice that the WaPo article hides how the postbellum South passed gun control laws to restrict ownership by black Americans. Or how the WaPo takes the side of the aggressor, lamenting that SYG laws don’t require victims to suffer victimhood and make crime a hazardous activity to the criminal.

The conviction of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers proves that the American justice system works. The use of unreasonable force will result in conviction by a jury of one’s peers.

“The ordinariness of guns can create situations in which what might be something that would not have produced death and violence is going to produce death and violence,” Sarat said.

He pointed to Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager who fatally shot two men and wounded a third after taking a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle to patrol the streets of Kenosha, Wis., during civic unrest in 2020. Rittenhouse claimed self- defense and was acquitted of five felony counts, including homicide.

In the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, Kenosha was already (and literally) burning when ordinary citizens, abandoned by a government derelict in its duties, took their common defense into their own hands. Rittenhouse’s acquittal was justice properly served, as was the conviction of Arbery’s killers.


But he pointed out that although conservatives often decry gun violence in densely populated urban centers, many of the guns used in crimes within cities are purchased in or stolen from more-rural communities. Chicago authorities have estimated that 60 percent of recovered guns were purchased out of state, with Indiana, Mississippi and Wisconsin among the top sources.

The above quote doesn’t reveal the whole truth. Why is crime higher in Chicago than in the more-rural communities? Why is crime high in some neighborhoods of Chicago instead of the whole city? If the crime guns were legally purchased, who are the buyers and why aren’t they prosecuted?

And here comes the big lie in the WaPo article:

Last month, Republicans in Georgia moved to make it easier to own firearms, introducing “constitutional carry” bills to eliminate gun licensing requirements. 

The Constitutional Carry bills don’t make it easier to own firearms. Any person possessing a gun must not fail any disqualifying criteria for ownership; there is no change to that whatsoever. What the bills do is make it easier for a lawful citizen to carry a gun. It puts citizens on the same level playing field as criminals who are never going to subject themselves to a background check or apply for a carry permit.

But Henry stressed that he carries a gun because “it’s better to have one and not need it than need it and not have it. … You’ve got to be prepared to defend yourself, and you’ve got to be prepared everywhere you go.”

The McMichaels appeared to have followed that philosophy.


The article concludes by smearing all gun owners and lawful carriers as racist vigilantes through guilt by association. The Washington Post touts its slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness” on its website banner, but it’s up to us to bring their disinformation to light.

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