You read that right! Miami police handed over confiscated weapons to Ukraine

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Every generation, the world is exposed to a geopolitical event or two that serves as a reminder of basic principles, whether it’s the importance of free enterprise or free speech or an armed citizenry. Humanity seems to have a bad case of intergenerational amnesia, so younger generations need to witness events on their own so the dumb ideas of the past don’t make a zombie comeback.


Ukraine is a real-time example of why an armed citizenry matters. We have extensively covered the Ukraine War and its relation to the Second Amendment before. We have also pointed out how gun control groups, “experts,” and the media like to skip obvious truths and, in fact, complain that gun rights groups are “taking advantage” of those truths. To their chagrin of gun controllers, here’s another reminder of why gun ownership matters

The following comes from the Ukrainian Military Center, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukraine (archived links). Their domain name checks out and their website appears to be legitimate.

Miami police handed over confiscated weapons to Ukraine

Small arms confiscated in the USA were delivered from Florida to Ukraine.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Marian Zablotsky said that this is the first such case of handing over confiscated weapons.

101 units of the first batch have already been delivered to Kyiv.

“A gift from the police of the city of Miami, which was the first to decide on such a step. A wonderful donor donated 148,000 cartridges to her,” Marian Zablotsky said.

The deputy also noted that all weapons are semi-automatic. Presumably, it will be armed with units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

In the summer of 2022, Ukrainian diplomats began working on the transfer of confiscated American weapons to Ukraine.

The city of Miami was the first to support the idea of transferring surplus civilian weapons to Ukraine, as well as weapons confiscated in the United States.


It is good to see Americans voluntarily step up to support Ukraine, like the person who donated 148,000 rounds of ammunition. As for the City of Miami transferring confiscated weapons, the assumption here is that the confiscations were from prohibited persons, and if that’s right, that’s a win-win for everyone.

According to Marian Zablotsky, before the start of the full-scale war, there were 600,000 armed people in Ukraine – this is less than 2% of the more than 30 million adult population at that time.

There are more than 800 million guns owned by U.S. citizens for a population of 300 million, and every year Americans buy 20 million guns. There are 53,000 gun shops in the country.

“Actually, the idea arose to ask US citizens for their surplus weapons, because many simply have dozens of them. Many of them are ready to share surplus weapons – transfer them here. There are also a lot of confiscated weapons,” the deputy said.

In the U.S., more than 100,000 weapons are confiscated and destroyed every year. This is what taxpayers’ money is spent on.

The 800 million guns figure is new to me. It could be a misconception on the part of the Ukrainian official. Note, however, that there are high-end estimates of as many as XXX million guns owned by the American people.

As previously reported, in June 2022, on the initiative of Miami Police Commissioner Ken Russell, the city held a campaign to buy back weapons called “Guns 4 Ukraine“. Those willing to hand in unnecessary weapons were offered a monetary reward ranging from $50 to $200 per unit. The Miami police added confiscated pistols and submachine guns to the ones they bought.


I have a feeling that the “submachine guns” the article mentions is a translation issue and probably refers to be pistol caliber carbines, because there is a clear previous statement that all the weapons were semi-automatic.

The City of Miami’s “buyback” is not the type of “buyback” supported by gun controllers; the guns are bought from willing people and shipped overseas for defensive purposes. The type of buybacks gun controllers support ends with the weapons destroyed; it’s a drop in the bucket in the larger scheme of things, but a metaphor for the end goal of gun controllers: complete citizen disarmament. 

Thanks to Ukraine serving as another generational reminder, We the People will resist gun controllers’ attempts to disarm us, whether it’s through force, manipulation, deception or chicanery.

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