The best defensive move to make in the “Long Game” to destroy our rights

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Last week, the proto-fascist organizations supporting gun control got together to celebrate their scheme to destroy our right to keep and bear arms. “Gun Sense University 2023” featured many speakers, training sessions, and “campaign action,” all in furtherance of their goal of destroying the Second Amendment and anything that gets in the way, whether it’s free speech, privacy, or due process. (Note: Proto-fascist is a very harsh word to use, and I wouldn’t be using it if not for their actions.)


Bloomberg-payrolled former Monsanto Executive Shannon Watts, who transitioned from selling toxic Roundup to equally toxic gun control, bragged about how gun controllers are playing the long game.

Gun rights supporters replied pointing out the persistence and efficacy of the gun rights movement.

Historically speaking, the gun rights movement has been focused, organized and clear about its mission, and the gun control movement has not had the same level of organization and drive. But there’s a widely used disclaimer in the investing world that’s good to keep in mind: “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.”

The modern gun control movement is well-funded thanks to seed money from billionaires with deep pockets. They have created several AstroTurf organizations, hoping that grass will grow on their barren soil. They are coordinating well. They are waging a multi-pronged war on the Second Amendment through academia, the media, Hollywood, medical organizations, and abuse of governmental power.


Gone are the days when both major political parties had elected representatives who supported gun rights and were at least somewhat skeptical of gun control. When one party fully embraces the authoritarianism that goes with gun control, when its elected representatives and even the President brag about using lethal violence against peaceable American citizens, the future isn’t something to take for granted.

So, how do we go about future-proofing the Second Amendment in the face of non-stop attacks? What’s the one move we can all make in the “long game” being played by the gun controllers? See below for examples from two Second Amendment supporters, one in Washington State, and the other, a fellow Indian immigrant, from New Jersey:

Ignorance is gun controllers’ biggest asset. The creation and abuse of meaningless phrases like “assault weapon,” “ghost gun,” “military-style,” “fully semi-automatic,” and “weapon of war” can all be traced back to ignorance. Journalists swallow and regurgitate all those phrases. They also get punked by pranks like the “chainsaw bayonet.” The non-gun owning population believes the press’ reporting by default and thus supports gun control.


Teaching non-gun owners how to shoot and bringing them to our side is the best and fastest way to destroy gun control. All of us must do our part. It’s not enough to stay within one’s social comfort zone; we need to go well outside it, meet new people, make new friends, and evangelize.

There are some general ideas that one may find helpful in doing this:

  • Start small: Guns are loud and can be intimidating. It’s important that a new shooter’s first experience be fun and enjoyable with a light-shooting caliber like a .22LR. I personally know a woman who swore off guns after a male relative took her shooting and handed her a .44 Magnum on her first trigger pull.
  • Donate your time and money: Shooting is an expensive sport. The passion to support the Second Amendment comes with a cost. Personally, I never ask new shooters to pitch in on the first range trip. I keep my range costs down by taking them to ranges that allow members to bring a guest for free and keep ammo costs low by using bulk .22LR. Everyone’s financial situation is different, so it’s perfectly fine if you volunteer only your time but ask to share in other costs.
  • It may take multiple trips to the range: In my experience, more often than not a sudden realization dawns upon a new shooter on the first range trip. For many others, it takes several trips. Everyone’s comfort with guns develops at a different pace, so patience is key.
  • Stay non-political: Creative writers use a rule called, “Show, don’t tell.” The experience of shooting will dispel myths. You don’t need to explain the inanities of gun control laws; for example, let the new shooter plink away using a traditional Ruger 10/22, and then let them shoot a 10/22 with a “protruding grip.” When they learn that the latter are considered “assault weapons” in some states, they will realize the scope of the fraud.
  • Become a certified instructor: If possible, invest the time and money to become a certified instructor. It makes you better informed while also making you a stronger advocate.

I will shamelessly add that there’s more in my book about outreach, including specific groups of people and important audiences. I hope this is a good starting point to defend our rights from the open declaration of war by gun controllers.

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