Organizers plan July 4 DC Open Carry protest

Grassroots activists are organizing a July 4 march on Washington to protest unjust laws that infringe on our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

“Only good can come out of standing up for what is right,” said Adam Charles Kokesh, a former talk show host and main organizer of Open Carry March 2013.

All Americans, including active duty members of the military and law enforcement, to meet-up in Washington D.C. with their loaded, slung rifles on July 4, he said. In 2007, Kokesh received national attention for being an outspoken opponent of U.S. military intervention in Iraq.  He was an eight-year Marine veteran, the former corporal is a veteran of the Iraq War.

Adam Charles Kokesh

Kokesh, originally from New Mexico, said  President Barack Obama and the liberal media inspired him to create this event.  “We are receiving a very enthusiastic response.”

The group’s goal is to turn the tide in Washington D.C, he said.

“It is immoral to use physical force to force your will on others,”  the Iraq veteran said.

“People already know that the government doesn’t follow the rules according to the constitution,” said the recipient of the Combat Action Badge and the Navy Commendation Medal recipient. “When law enforcement disregards the constitution, they disregard the law.”

Kokesh, who left the Marines in 2007, said it is better to be protesting at Washington D.C. than sitting home and pretending that our country is doing great.

The people need to pay attention because the government is not doing their job, he said. “We welcome all citizens to sit and join us in opposition to a government that doesn’t follow the constitution.”

Christopher C. Cantwell, a self described anarchist and vocal supporter of Open Carry March 2013, said, “The goal of any civil disobedience is to point out the violence and coercion inherent within the state.  There is a common misconception that government enforcement is consensual, but most of us do not consent, we are kept in-line through threats of force.”

The focal point of the protest will be when the marchers literally cross the line, he said. “We will be armed in Virginia, and it will be perfectly legal. Then we will cross this imaginary line into the district of criminals, and men will threaten to kill us. Isn’t that insane?”

The event will start in Virginia where openly carrying a firearm is legal and move into Washington where openly carrying a firearm is illegal, he said.

He said that the march will produce a win-win result.  “If the police react with violence that shows that violence is inherent within the system, and if the police react with impotence it shows that their laws are unenforceable.”

Cantwell said, “This is the by far the boldest statement ever made in American history.”

The stand-up comedian and writer said that the protest will show the American people how violent the government has become and how vulnerable the people truly are.

“The government is not a thing; it is a behavior, a violent, abhorrent behavior that right-thinking people should not engage in.  By showing up with our guns, unafraid of their guns, I hope to show that all men truly are created equal,” he said.

“The event will be of a non-violent nature as planned,” said Timothy J. Morgan Jr. an anarchy-capitalist activist from New York who will attend the march.

“If you want to have a rally for the right to keep and bear arms, why wouldn’t you bring your firearm?” he asked.

“When lemonade-stand protesters’ protest, they sell lemonade without a permit,” he said.

“I’ll be carrying my Marlin 30-30 rifle.”