How to Get Blood out of a Burka

The hits from this White House just keep coming:

“Fulfilling his commitment made last year in Cairo to help deepen ties between business leaders, foundations and entrepreneurs in the United States and Muslim communities around the world, President Obama today kicked off a two-day Entrepreneurship Summit in Washington, DC. ‘We will bring business and social entrepreneurs from Muslim-majority countries to the United States and send their American counterparts to learn from your countries. Women in technology fields will have the opportunity to come to the United States for internships and professional development. And since innovation is central to entrepreneurship, we’re creating new exchanges for science teachers.’


This is at the same time that the American business intern program has been abolished by the Obama Administration.

This is at the same time that Israeli nuclear scientists are denied entry into the United States.

This is at the same time that our soldiers in the two fronts of the war on terror are being shot at by Iranian and Syrian supported Islamist terrorists.

And the United States of America is paying to send our children to Islamic countries TO LEARN?

To learn what?  Effective subjugation of women?  Proper method of beheading?  Religious or philosophical reasons to be a suicide bomber?  How to get blood out of a burka?

On second thought, maybe we could learn a little something from the myriad women in technology fields in Libya and Palestine. 

How often are we to be insulted by the morons in this Administration until we have had enough?  How many more indignities is this President allowed to inflict on us and the country we love before he is stopped?  Where is it found in the Constitution that this tragically elected holder of the Office of the Presidency is permitted to continually deride us, insult us, ridicule us, weaken us, minimize us, while bankrupting us?

It’s as if we’ve been occupied.

Does Barack Hussein Obama even hear what he is saying when he comes out with things as preposterous as this ‘initiative?’  Does he think that anyone believes him?  No one on earth wants to visit, much less live in, especially not ‘learn’ from one of those Muslim flea pits that Obama so reveres. 


Yet he is spending Americans’ tax dollars, and certainly quite a lot of them, to send our children TO LEARN from societies that still live in the 12th century, that keep their women covered, uneducated and housebound, that perpetuate poverty for the majority of their population, that live the most extreme tenets of the most intolerant religion in the world, and that export their children throughout the world to kill themselves and as many infidels as they can take with them.

In contrast, the United States of America, the nation for which Obama has total contempt, has consistently led the world in industrial production and growth, in innovation, in the creation and invention of technology and products that improve not only American lives, but lives worldwide. The United States, despite the Herculean efforts on the part of the American left, “remains the world’s largest, richest, and most productive economy.” With less than 5 percent of the world’s population, the U.S. produces approximately a quarter of the world’s total output of goods and services, and the American standard of living exceeds that of any other industrialized country. The U.S. is not deindustrializing, nor is it losing its overall competitive edge, again despite the hard work by Obama and his fellow leftists.


That is, we were and we did, until you brought hope and change to America, Mr. President.

The policies our current executive is implementing are actually meant to destroy ‘business’ entrepreneurship in America, while the public sector increases dramatically at the expense of the shrinking private sector.  Although I’m not quite sure what a ‘social entrepreneur’ is, I would imagine that the creation of a program of such things would cost the American taxpayer yet another vast amount of money that we don’t have and that we wouldn’t want to spend even if we did have it..

At the same time that Barack Hussein Obama destroys our economy, neuters our automobile industry, commits an outright theft of our student loan industry, annihilates our entire health industry, bankrupts our insurance industry, destroys our financial services industry, makes ridiculous the office of the Presidency, continually humiliates our nation on the world stage, alienates every single one of our allies while bowing to our enemies, nullifies American power, throws away American sovereignty, and decimates our military, he is ably and gleefully assisted by the mainstream media that is quite skilled in lulling the American public into the myth that this all really isn’t happening.


It is happening.  We are being destroyed as a nation, and at warp speed.

What’s next?  Does Obama intend, with insane things like this ‘initiative,’ to have our daughters wrapped in cloths as Muslim men insist upon, and our sons to be bearded and robed, as decreed by Muslim law?  Does our current President intend, once we ‘learn’ from the Muslim countries he so admires, the United States of America to accept the rule of Sharia law? 

Do you have any idea how close we are to this?  Understanding this ‘initiative’ and what it portends reveals a great deal of what this man and this Administration are doing to our nation.  Again, due to the mainstream media, a large part of what they are trying to do is under the radar screen, but they if they succeed it will nonetheless be as thorough as if it were an out and out coup d’état.

America remains a great country, for many reasons, and one of them is that we still welcome people of all walks of life to our shores.  More than 220 years after our founding, we welcome those who seek opportunity and freedom to the United States, and we revel as they discover, in effect, learn, the glory that it is to become an American. 


America changes people, Mr. Obama.  America does not need to be changed.

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