Mother Whose Sons Survived Ambush Thanks Police Officers

Shetamia Taylor, a 37-year-old mother of four, was attending the Black Lives Matter protest with her children last week when the ambush on Dallas Police began.


Taylor said she witnessed an officer fall to the ground just after she heard the first shots ring out.

“I was running behind them and I felt the bullet in the back of my leg,” she said, “My son went to grab me but I was already shot so I grabbed him and lay on top of him. Police asked was anybody hit, because he didn’t know I was shot. I said yes, but not loud enough because I didn’t want my son to hear. The officer got on top of me and covered me and my son. Another cop [was] at my feet and another [stood] by us and they protected us. I saw another officer get shot in front of me.”

The shooter, who said he wanted to ‘kill white cops’, was neutralized using a bombbot, but not before he was able to kill five officers and wound seven more.

Taylor said her experience made her “admiration for [the] police greater.” She went on to mention that almost every officer who saved her was white.

“Thank you for being heroes,” she said to police in Dallas.

Today, Taylor’s 12 year old son says he wants to become a cop.

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