The Must-Have Top Gifts for Gun Lovers This Christmas

It’s true, a gun lover can never have enough firearms or ammo–but there is more to buy them this Christmas than, well, another firearm or box of ammo. So, if you haven’t yet found that ideal, not-so-obvious present for the Second Amendment supporter in your life, here are 15 gifts that will pair perfectly with their favorite firearm.


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
The original ultralight backpack and travel-friendly “straw” filter, the LifeStraw makes contaminated water safe to drink by removing bacteria and parasites, preventing the majority of waterborne disease. Use it to drink directly from streams and lakes, or fill up a container and use your LifeStraw to enjoy clean water on the go. The LifeStraw has an unlimited shelf life and once opened can provide an individual with more than 5 years of safe drinking water.

Remington MoistureGuard Rust Preventative Rem Cloth 
10″ x 10″ multipurpose cloth wipe Uses volatile corrosion inhibitor technology to Instantly protect all metals from rust and corrosion. Long-lasting barrier penetrates the smallest nooks and crannies. Perfect for a final wipe-down before storing guns, knives, tools, and other valuable metal items.

Essential 2 or 4 Person Emergency Survival Bag
Complete Deluxe Survival 72-Hour Kit, prepare your family for disasters. Emergency disaster go-bag – available in two and four people.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Genesis Sharp-Shooter Shooting Glasses
Sharp-Shooter Anti-Glare Shooting Glasses are engineered for maximum comfort and protection. These shooting glasses feature high-impact standards, 99.9% UV coverage. and are suitable for shooting in indoor and outdoor environments.

Advanced Bushcraft: An Expert Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival
In this valuable guide, survivalist Dave Canterbury goes beyond bushcraft basics to teach you how to survive in the backcountry with little or no equipment. He covers crucial survival skills like tracking to help you get even closer to wildlife, crafting medicines from plants, and navigating without the use of a map or compass. With Canterbury’s expert advice and guidance, you will learn how to forgo your equipment, make use of your surroundings, and truly enjoy the wilderness.


Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff
At the range or on the hunt, the Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff keeps you protected from hazardous noise and connected to your environment. It carries a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22 in both on and off mode.

150-Pack Shooting Targets
While other shooting targets are too thin and flimsy, too hard to see, too expensive or simply get destroyed after only a few shots, EasyShot Targets are printed on heavy-duty paper using high-contrasting colors making it easy for you to pick out your mark and see where you hit.

Smith & Wesson 10 inch Folding Knife
Features 4.4 inch Tanto Point Serrated Blade for outdoor tactical survival and everyday carry.

Bluetooth Smart Handgun Safe
Smart Safe Technology provides a highly interactive experience from your smartphone with the Bluetooth app. You can view battery levels, history log, check for tampering, and remotely unlock the safe when in range. It’s slim, vertical design stores great under a desk or nightstand, discreetly on a bookshelf, or conspicuously in a vehicle.

Shark Tank Bottle Breacher Bottle Opener with Gift Box
50 Caliber Bottle Breacher Bottle Opener with Gift Box Made in the USA. A Shark Tank Favorite.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Silencer Smooth Coffee Rounds for Single Serve Brewing Machines
Reload the Chamber: Single serve coffee pods & coffee cups let you brew café with ease. Load the rounds in the chamber of your coffee machine & squeeze the trigger on quality instant coffee that hits your taste buds with a caffeine kick to ‘hooyah’ about.


Black Rifle Coffee Company, AK-47 Coffee, Dark Roast, Whole Bean Bag
American Owned: Are you ready to serve? Aim high with Black Rifle Coffee Company Dark Roast, Whole Bean 12 oz Bag will brew the perfect pot of coffee for the whole family.

14 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit
COMPLETE: This Emergency Kit has the MOST COMPLETE RANGE of items: Professional Knife, Flashlight, Fire Starter, Compass, Emergency Steel Pen, Whistle, Paracord Bracelet, Wire Saw, Multi-Tool Card, Carabiner, Bottle Clip, USB Light + Emergency Blanket, all inside a large weather-resistant case.

Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector
With improved performance, enhanced comfort features and greater functionality – including a tethered battery door, streamlined design, and enhanced electronics – the Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector gives shooters and hunters a hearing protection experience as they have never had before.

Tactical Christmas Xmas Stocking
This tactical Christmas stocking can make a great gift to anyone who is a big fan of tactical gear or who served in the military in your life. Hunting enthusiasts can stuff the stocking with camping supplies, knives, and any other small tools.

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