SilencerCo Launches The Omega 36M

The following review was written by Jon Stokes, Deputy Editor of as well as a contributor to Open Source Defense for Bearing Arms.
The SilencerCo Omega36M just launched, and it’s a beast of a can. Inconel baffles, titanium outer tube, full-auto rating, and it’s modular so that you can change lengths to suit your application. Run it in short config for a 9mm pistol, or long config for .338 Lapua Magnum. And yes, this suppressor can handle that range of uses.

This past July, I and some other outdoor writers got to shoot this thing on a ton of different guns. I ran the 36M on a Barrett MRAD in .338 Lapua Magnum out to 1,000 yards. The sound level on the Barrett came in at right below 140db, or technically hearing safe. But I also ran that same can in a few different configurations on SiCo’s non-NFA Maxim 9mm pistol, on a pair of lever guns, and on the obligatory .223. It did everything.

The 36M is just a little bigger than the Omega 9K, but you get a little more suppression out of it on 9mm.


Jonathan Owen over at SHWATbrought his camera and drones and took a lot of great footage of the new can in action, along with a few of the other SilencerCo suppressors we shot:

Given the insane flexibility of this can, I’m strongly considering making it the main suppressor recommendation for The Prepared’s beginner’s gun guide but I’d love to hear to alternate suggestions from the Bearing Arms audience.
Here is the SilencerCo press release for the Omega 36M:

The Omega 36M is a two-piece modular design with a fully welded rear core and a fully welded front module. The core construction consists of Cobalt 6 and Inconel which provides extreme wear resistance under high heat and heavy fire. The titanium outer tube combined with the lock-ring prevents tube loosening and reduces weight. The 36M has a 1.57” outside diameter. The 36M is finished with a black Cerakote for a heightened level of durability.-Comparable performance to the Omega 300 in the long configuration on rifles
-Improved sound suppression over the 9k in the short configuration on pistols
-Sub 140db at ear up to .338 Lapua in both long and short configurations.
-Compatible with all Charlie Style Mounting Systems
-Two Piece Modular Design
-Fully Welded Rear Core
-A Cobalt 6 (Stellite) blast baffle and supporting Inconel baffles provides extreme wear resistance under high heat and heavy fire.
-Fully Welded Front Module
-Lightweight 17-4 with H900 heat treatment for tool grade wear resistance.
-Titanium Outer Tube w/ Lockring ○ Prevents tube loosening and reduces weight.
-Rear Charlie Mounting System ○ Provides better mount to suppressor retention.
-Front Charlie Mounting System ○ Updated toolless front cap allowing easier changes and additional suppression of 2-5dB depending on host weapon and cartridge
-Cerakote Finish

-Suppressor Module 1 & 2
-Toolless 9mm Front Cap
-Charlie ASR Mount
-Multi Tool
-Charlie Wrench


Availability is December 2019, and MSRP of $1,187.



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