A 34 year-old  Long Island pharmacist fired shots at a knife-wielding assailant who demanded drugs from his pharmacy Friday. After the pharmacist handed over the drugs, he retrieved his firearm and followed the robber to his automobile outside. When the robber drew his knife, the pharmacist fired at him and struck his vehicle. The robber was later apprehended by local authorities. Here’s the full story:

A pharmacist on Long Island defended himself from an attempted robbery by firing shots at the suspect Friday afternoon.

Police say the incident happened inside Precision Pharmacy on Merrick Road in Bellmore around 3:30 p.m. 43-year-old Marc Gumpert entered the pharmacy and demanded the drugs Ritalin and Dilaudid.

The 34-year-old pharmacist complied and handed over the drugs, but followed Gumpert outside. The pharmacist saw Gumpert inside his car. Gumpert saw the pharmacist, got out of his car, pulled out a knife and walked towards the pharmacist.

Authorites say the pharmacist fired one shot that hit the ground and struck the back tire of Gumpert’s car. Gumpert got back into the car and drove away heading northbound on Bedford Avenue.

Nassau County police say Gumpert was seen by an ambulance driver on the Sunrise Highway in Freeport a short time later and he was arrested without an incident.

Gumpert has been charged with robbery 1st degree and was arraigned on Saturday.