Houston Father Saves Family With Gun

A family in Houston, Texas, was relaxing in their home Sunday when three armed men suddenly entered and demanded money. Before the intruders could steal anything, however, the father used his own firearm to shoot two of them. The third intruder ran away from the scene and is still at large. From ABC 13:


HOUSTON (KTRK) — A home invasion Sunday in north Houston ended with two suspects dead and another on the loose.

It happened around 4:40pm at Oak Leaf Village Apartments in the 100 block of Dyna Drive near Chipman Lane.

Lile Pena was overcome with emotion as she described the scene inside her home. Pena says she was there with her husband, four children and their uncle when it all began.

According to Houston police, three armed men broke into the apartment.

Not even his mother’s warm embrace could stop tears from rolling down seven-year-old Fernando’s face as he recalled what happened.

“I was scared because I thought my dad was going to die,” he said.

Fernando’s eyewitness account of what happened to his family has been helpful to investigators as they piece the scene together.

“My uncle come with the hands up,” he said. “My dad takes his gun out and then he shoots two, then one goes running outside.”

Police aren’t saying exactly how three armed men got inside, but investigators believe they were looking for money. Only one of the three escaped.

“There was a third suspect who fled the scene,” HPD Homicide Det. Ivan Ulloa said. “We have very, very, very limited information on that person.”

Investigators said the shooter was taken in for questioning, but they believe this was a resident rightfully defending his home and family. The case will be referred to a grand jury.

As extended family members heard what happened, they rushed to the scene.

“I’m relieved because it was either him or them,” cousin Julio Lopez said. “Tragedy, but he’s alive and I hope he’ll get out because he was just protecting his family.”

And while the man’s oldest son is still very shaken, it’s his father’s actions that he’ll remember most.

“He’s a great hero,” Fernando said.


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