Dallas Man Shoots Backyard Burglar

A Dallas man defended his home from a burglar trying to steal items from a shed. When the man saw a stranger making off with his weed eater in his backyard, this homeowner confronted the robber with a firearm. In response, the burglar ran, and the homeowner shot him multiple times. Here’s the story:


A homeowner in Dallas says he shot a man suspected of burglarizing his backyard shed.

The homeowner, who did not want to be identified on camera, said the family’s alarm system went off around 5 a.m. Monday, alerting the homeowner to someone breaking into their storage unit.

The man, who said he has a concealed weapons permit, said he grabbed his .45 caliber gun, went out into the backyard, and discovered a man walking out of the shed with an edger and weed eater.

The homeowner said he told the alleged burglar to stop. That’s when the alleged burglar dropped the equipment and jumped the fence to an alley. The homeowner said he fired several rounds and hit the man.

Police said the alleged burglar was hit in the arm, ribs, and leg by the gunfire, but managed to make it back to his apartment. The wounded man then called police for help and an ambulance took him to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas.

The family said they have security video that shows a possible getaway vehicle in the alley where the alleged burglar fled. The homeowner that shot the alleged burglar was taken to police headquarters to answer more questions about the incident. He said the gun he used in the shooting was taken by police as part of the investigation, but warned that he had more weapons.

The family, who said they have lived at the house for 13 years, have had other break-in attempts in the past, but all have been unsuccessful.

Neighbors said reports of tools being stolen had been on the rise in the area.

An area crime watch organization posted the following message on June 22:

“There are more reports of trucks being broken into and tools being stolen in the areas of Rustown, Piper and Ashdown. The people who are being robbed are apparently not reporting these thefts to police. That lets the thieves feel safe and their crime will just spread out in the neighborhoods and pose a threat to every person who lives here. Report crime to 911. English or Spanish. All crime, any crime. Loud parties. Gunfire. Theft. Robbery. Burglary. Vandalism. Mischief. Assault. All crime! Those who refuse to call the police and report a crime are helping the criminals grow stronger and increase the range of their activity. Everyone suffers. “

The injured alleged burglar is expected to face charges, according to Dallas police. Police were unclear whether the homeowner would face charges, but the homeowner told NBC 5 he felt he was within his rights to protect his property.


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