Oklahoma Intruder Shot By Teenager

An intruder burst into an Oklahoma family’s home Thursday and began screaming aggressively. When she saw the intruder, the family’s mother woke her son and told him to grab his shotgun. The seventeen-year-old boy did so, shooting the intruder, who later died from his wounds. Here’s the story:


HOMINY, Oklahoma –

An attempted intruder into a Hominy home is dead after he was shot by a 17-year-old early Thursday, Osage County officials have confirmed.

Cole Davis, 16, was shot as he was trying to break into a home on Pettit Avenue in Hominy. Davis lived in Terlton and had been a student at Mannford Public Schools. Family members confirmed his identity to News On 6.

A woman at the home said a male began beating on her front door about 1 a.m. Her 10-year-old daughter went to the door and the person began yelling aggressively, “They’re going to kill me. They’re going to kill me,” over and over, the woman told News On 6.

As the little girl opened the door, Davis put one foot inside and kept screaming, so the woman slammed the door in his face, she said.

He then punched through the window on the door and the woman said she was frightened, so she woke her 17-year-old son and told him to get his gun.

Her son, who is a senior at Hominy High School, grabbed a 12-guage shotgun and fired as Davis reached his hand through the broken glass and turned the doorknob trying to force entry.

Davis was transported to the nearest hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

In a 911 recording obtained by News On 6, the woman in the home said her forehead was bleeding from the shattered glass.

“I would not wish this on anybody, but he came through the door after my family,” she told News On 6.

A neighbor said Davis was sitting on her porch minutes before. When she told him to leave, he started acting strangely, so she called 911. She said she was already on the phone with dispatch when she heard the gunfire next door.

“He was swinging on my swing, and I looked out the window and yelled at him,” neighbor Donna Watkins said.

The boy then pressed his face up against her window, according to Watkins.

“He looked like he was high or something,” she said.

And Davis’ family in Terlton told News On 6 they have suspected drug use in the past.

Scared because of his behavior, Watkins said she demanded he leave her property and ran to secure her home.

“I realized I was latching the door as I was talking to him, and my door was unlocked,” she said. “That freaked me out more than anything.”

Davis immediately went next door and told those residents someone was trying to hurt him, Watkins said. A few minutes later, the teen was shot and killed trying to force his way into that home, authorities said.

No arrests have been made, pending an investigation. The Osage County Sheriff’s Office said it will submit its findings to the district attorney for review.


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