Happy Tooth, Fang & Claw Day

It is upon us, and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Call me weird, but I do wintertime stuff each winter, springtime stuff each spring, summertime stuff each summer, and hallelujah, in fall hunting season, hunting season stuff every day. I can’t help myself.1 I’m such a hopelessly organic nature boy.


I hunt because I am a hunter. Clearly such natural participation in God’s miraculous creation is the last perfect, pure and positive environmental activity available to mankind. Balancing the annual wildlife explosion through respectful sustainable yield utility is universally known to be the perfection that it is. Know it, cherish it, celebrate it and by all means, do it. Life is not meant to be a spectator sport, y’all.

For our 38th glorious year in a row, ever since President Nixon established National Hunting and Fishing Day back in 1972, American sporting families have celebrated this incredible hands-on conservation lifestyle as the most obvious renewable resource management success story in the history of mankind. Though the hunting industry has failed miserably at effectively promoting or educating anyone to this annual celebration, America’s 60 million hunting, fishing and trapping families and all our friends know in our hearts and souls what an amazing lifestyle we share.

With more deer, elk, cougars, black bears, wild turkey and geese and other game than ever in recorded history, astonishingly these are the ultimate good old days of hunting in North America.

Annually, we kill so many more deer and other big and small game each year that we continue, through our Hunters For The Hungry program, to donate more than 250 million supreme-quality meals of the healthiest, most nutritious and delicious organic protein available anywhere to soup kitchens and homeless shelters all across America. 250 million every year, my friends. And most notably without Fedzilla getting his greedy, unaccountable, corrupt and wasteful bureaucracies involved. If that’s not a joy to celebrate I don’t know what is. Instances of E-coli and or salmonella? Zero, zilch, nada, none. We the hunting people, get it.


Wherever proven science-based hunting management is implemented, thriving, balanced wildlife flourishes. Where the soulless maniacs and animal-rights goons interfere, you have wildlife and humans slaughtered on the highways, people and livestock mauled and killed, commercial aircraft crashing and gazillions of tax dollars wasted on damage control and clean up.

We deal in living, breathing dynamic creatures, not Bambi and Boo Boo cartoons. Go figure.

Clearly, hunters stand on the good side of the line drawn in the sand. I couldn’t be more proud.

Wildlife can only be one of two things; an asset or a liability. In every instance since sporters demanded the halt of the commercial slaughter of our precious wildlife in the early 1900s and created and financed the modern wildlife management agencies, we have rehabilitated and safeguarded millions upon millions of acres of sacred grounds to provide not only critical habitat for our beloved game species, but for untold species of non-game and endangered critters as well.

It is important to educate and remind every human being willing to listen, that our quality of life, that is our quality of our air, soil and water come from the soul cleansing wild ground of our wildlife habitat that every hunter, fisher and trapper monitor and pay dearly to provide. The vast majority of funds for such habitat and wildlife management comes from our licenses, permits, tags and purchases of hunting and fishing equipment. Every American who cherishes healthy wildlife owes a huge debt of gratitude to the hunters, fishers and trappers of America. Know it.


The Nugent family is giddy with excitement as we sharpen our arrows and sight in our firearms in anticipation of what we know will be the greatest hunting season of our lives. This honorable heritage is not only a perfect system by which we feed our sacred temples and those of our fellow Americans, but the incredible recreational opportunities do indeed re-create our spirit each fall and winter.

Celebrate Thanksgiving everyday my friends. If you are not a hunter, you really need to unleash that natural reasoning predator within and participate in this wonderful annual sport and lifestyle. It is there for everyone willing to dedicate themselves to be the best that they can be.

Me, I’m stocking up on ammo, arrows, garlic and butter. Happy hunting season 2010 to all my Spirit of the Wild Blood Brothers. Whack em and stack em, kill em and grill em. It’s perfect.

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