The Parkland crowd would have you believe that they represent the voices of their generation. Every word from David Hogg’s mouth sounds like someone who really does think himself the official spokesman for high school kids everywhere.

However, there’s a growing chorus of voices out there that are singing a very different tune. At one school in Florida, dozens of students participated in a walkout in support of the Second Amendment. A teen in Virginia has also  begun planning a pro-Second Amendment march. The voices of the young are hardly unified behind people like Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Delaney Tarr or Cameron Kasky by any stretch of the imagination.

The latest example: in Colorado, a group of students held a pro-Second Amendment rally to signal their support for the right to keep and bear arms.

Students in Colorado who support the Second Amendment staged their own walkout Wednesday, in an effort to counter the pro-gun control rallies taking place across the nation following the deadly shooting at a Florida high school in February.

Students at Woodland Park High School, an hour north of Pike’s Peak, began the 30-minute pro-Second Amendment rally with a moment of silence for victims of past school shootings.

“I don’t believe that guns are the problem,” said student Haley Armstead. “I think it’s more of the people and that people are trying to blame an inanimate object for something that’s not them.”

Another student, Christian Garcia, told FOX 21 more armed officers and trained teachers would “stop” or “prevent” further school shootings.

While student-organized and with no affiliation to the high school, the school district did allow the students to walk out and provided increased security through the police department.

Students walked onto the school’s track carrying the American flag and holding signs that read “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and “I support the right to bear arms.”

Another student said he participated to show that not all students are for gun control.

“It’s all over the news right now that all students hate guns,” Zachary Schneider said. “I wanted to show that not all students feel that way.”

Frankly, this is what I suspected we’d see when we delved into the reality.

Here’s the main difference and why so many of these teens aren’t getting much attention beyond a small group of right-leaning media outlets; it’s not so much media bias as a lack of backing. This chorus, as I called it, is made up of independent voices all springing up. This is real grassroots here.

These kids don’t have millions of dollars from George Clooney or Oprah Winfrey. They don’t have Moms Demand Action and the Women’s March to help them organize. They don’t have a massive push from the left’s political machine.

What they have is a desire to be seen to support the Second Amendment, and they’re doing that.

In reality, what we’re seeing from these kids is more raw, more pure, than what the Parkland crowd is pushing. They’re not interested in David Hogg or his smug face representing them with his own personal opinions based on emotion, not fact.

And they’re showing up at just about the right time, too.

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