It seems that Magpul has a new product out. As something of a Magpul fanboy, this is generally welcome news. Unfortunately for me, it’s the one thing I’m not that big on for most rifles; it’s a bipod.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the value in the things. Stability is always preferable to instability when it comes to shooting, and a bipod helps with that. It’s just that in a dynamic tactical environment, it seems like the kind of thing you won’t get nearly as much use out of as you might think, especially if you’re using it on a home defense rifle.

But then Magpul released this:

While I’m not sold on it for some setups, it’s more than enough to sell me on going with a Magpul bipod if/when I put together a precision rifle setup. I can also see this being awesome for hunting certain kinds of big game.

Magpul tends to make some really good stuff, and I like the sleek design on this bipod.

With it being available for M-Lok, 1913 Picatinny rails, and ARMS 17S mounts, there’s plenty of opportunities to mount this to your weapon.

But it also seems to be made with all the things you would want besides the mounting system options.

Crafted from steel, mil-spec hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum, and injection-molded polymer, the Magpul Bipod goes beyond a simple set of chopsticks in concept and is feature-rich. A tool-less design, the spring-tensioned legs extend across a 4-inch range, from 6.3- to 10.3-inches, while the bipod allows for 50-degrees of total tilt — which Magpul says no one else’s bipod currently does — and 40-degrees of pan. The bipod also features an innovative ability to lock pan while maintaining the ability to tilt. The rubber “energy dome” feet are replaceable with standard Atlas pattern bipod feet.

Now, I’ve admitted that I’m a Magpul fan. However, like with any product, we’ll have to see how it holds up in the long run and what the actual consumers think.

No matter how much I love a company, I tend not to be an early adopter of most things. I’m cheap, and I don’t like spending my hard earned money on experimentation. I let other people do that.

Now, if Magpul wanted to send me one to experiment with for a review, I wouldn’t turn it down (hint, hint, Magpul. Hint, hint).

Seriously, if any of you get one of these, please let us know how you like it. I don’t see a lot of negative reviews coming for this, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say. As such, I’ll call my current enthusiasm for the bipod “cautious optimism.”

Not that I expect to become a bipod fan simply because of one product, mind you, but if anyone is going to do them right, I can’t help but think it’ll be Magpul.

In the process, expect other makers to have to step up their bipod game too.

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