One of the NRA’s many efforts is NRATV, a video platform that is expressly pro-gun that runs a number of programs. Some are commentary, others come in different stripes, but all are pro-Second Amendment at their core.

Unfortunately, NRATV had to let some folks go due to decreases in funding this year.

NRATV, the media wing of the National Rifle Association (NRA), has reportedly laid off several employees following a $55 million revenue drop for the nation’s most prominent gun-rights lobby.

NRATV was launched in late 2016 and dubs itself the “online television platform of the powerful gun-rights lobby,” including “two live news channels and 34 taped shows, all sponsored by gunmakers,” according to its homepage.

Its offerings include programs hosted by NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, CEO Wayne LaPierre, frequent Fox News guest Dan Bongino, and former Reagan National Security Council member Oliver North.

On Tuesday, the Daily Beast reported it had obtained National Rifle Association tax records showing the organization’s income drop $55 million from 2016 to 2017.

The NRA reportedly saw a $55 million drop in revenue from $367 million in 2016 to $312 million in 2017, due in part to decreased donations and annual dues.

That sucks on so many levels, especially for those who were directly impacted.

Let’s be clear. NRA funding does seem to have dried up a bit. That’s not very surprising. After all, the Left has been working to weaponize public disclosure documents for some time. The best example of that is what happened to Brendon Eich when he was forced to resign from Mozilla due to outrage over a donation he made to a group opposing gay marriage.

Because of that, it’s entirely possible that many donors have declined to make donations like they normally would out of fear it could be used against them at some point in the future.

It shouldn’t matter, mind you, but we live in a world where one side has decided that it’s perfectly acceptable to destroy your life and livelihood because you think the wrong things. They use public disclosure information to destroy their enemies, to make them into trophies and warnings, the proverbial heads on pikes to dissuade people from making the wrong donations.

In previous years, it wasn’t an issue. The problem is that after Parkland, it’s become far less acceptable to be pro-gun. It’s not surprising that people are scared to donate.

But real people are losing their jobs. Real people are being hurt.

Do you think the anti-gunners care? Of course not. They don’t care because those being hurt aren’t the right kind of people.

Talk about a win-win.