When a New York lawmaker proposed a bill that would require potential gun buyers to hand over access to their social media accounts, a lot of us were outraged. However, amongst our outraged emotions, there was also the idea in a lot of minds that this was an idea too stupid to catch on.

After all, the pitfalls of something like this are readily apparent, even to the most ardent anti-gunner, right? I mean, if we start restricting rights based on what we’ve put on social media, this could have dire ramifications that no one would want.

Well, the joke’s on me, because another anti-gun jackwagon saw that and thought, “You know what we need in Illinois? That!

An Illinois bill would require potential gun buyers to reveal their public social media accounts to state police before being approved for firearm licenses.

The bill, sponsored by two Democratic lawmakers, aims to keep weapons out of the hands of people who have made threatening or alarming comments on social media, CBS 2 Chicago reported Wednesday.

“A lot of people who are having mental health issues will often post on their social media pages that they’re about to hurt themselves or others,” Rep. Daniel Didech (D) said. “We need to give those people the help they need.”

The bill is similar to one proposed in New York state that would allow police to recover the entire browsing history of a gun license applicant.

Didech claims his bill is less obtrusive, but gives no specifics on how it can be less so when it requires people to essentially hand over their social media accounts.

Yes, a couple of killers put some disturbing stuff on Facebook. However, a lot of people post things on social media to get a rise out of people or because they have a dark sense of humor. That would make a lot of people worry, but they’ll never hurt a fly.

The problem here is that they look at the killers and what the killers did, and they believe that they can use these as signals and that they can keep guns out of these hands. But they don’t understand how often markers like this may well be wrong. After all, a lot of people post things for a lot of reasons, but you can’t deny someone their civil rights because they said things on Twitter that made you uncomfortable.

If we’re going to do down that road, then fine. We should pass laws requiring people to hand over their social media accounts before registering to vote. We could then exclude any avowed socialists or those who advocate for socialist policies from voting. After all, socialism is responsible for more murders in the 20th century than guns could ever be blamed for.

What’s that? We can’t do that because we don’t deny people their rights because of BadThink?

Damn right we don’t, so I fail to see where what anyone posts on social media is the government’s business before I purchase a firearm so long as I can pass the required background checks.

Maybe Didech will next propose a formal Two Minutes of Hate or something else Orwellian for the lawmakers in Illinois to chew on for a bit.