What A Backyard Submachine Gun Can Teach Us About Gun Laws

Gun rights advocates have said for years that you will never remove firearms from the streets. This is a fact perfectly illustrated by the Paris terrorist attacks in both 2015 and earlier this year. In both assaults, terrorists were able to get their hands on fully automatic weapons and unleash havoc on unsuspecting people.


But what if the gun control advocates had a way to make sure they could get every single gun in this country not in police or military hands? What if they could guarantee that they could take every gun off our streets?

For most Second Amendment advocates, it wouldn’t matter, but let’s play with this idea for a bit to make a broader point.

In 1998, a British subject named P.A. Luty decided to illustrate the fallacy of complete civilian disarmament by building a weapon that lacked any of the registered parts of the firearm.

Recently, the YouTube channel “Forgotten Weapons” got a chance to take a look at the result, a submachine gun built entirely with parts that could be picked up at the hardware store.

As noted in the video, Luty ended up spending some time in a British prison for his efforts, as would people who were caught with such weapons in pretty much any other nation on Earth.

Yet Luty proved his point.

Since his book was first published, such firearms have shown up in Australia, Indonesia, and many other places.

Some might argue that Luty is responsible for a self-fulfilling prophecy, that the only reason he was right was because he dropped the plans in the criminal’s laps. Unfortunately, that would only be true of Luty’s designs were the only option. After all, hasn’t the “zip gun” been around for ages?

None of this takes into account the tooling existing in some backyard shops these days. Metal lathes, milling machines, and 3D printers all can be useful in building far more sophisticated firearms that Luty’s effective but almost prehistoric design.


In other words, guns are definitely here to stay. Try as the leftist gun control advocates might, they’ll never be able to get all of the weapons. Even if they did, though, guns would still be produced for illegal purposes.

Maybe, instead of tripping over themselves to strip ordinary Americans of their right to keep and bear arms, their time would be better served by looking for the causes for crime in the first place and addressing that.

Of course, that doesn’t give the average gun control advocate the opportunity to pontificate on their superiority because they are terrified of an object with no will of its own, as opposed to the lawful gun owners of this nation who simply look at their weapons as tools that can be used for good or evil…just like any other. Since that’s probably a good bit of the motivation behind the antics of gun control groups anyway, it’s unlikely they’ll listen and stop.

Hat tip: The Firearms Blog

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