Where Were the NFL Kneelers When This Happened?

The NFL is currently in the center of a massive storm of controversy. Players are taking a knee, some to comment on so-called “oppression” of minorities in this nation and others to raise a middle finger to President Trump in what they believe is a defense of free speech.

However, I find it more than a little concerning that this love of the Bill of Rights stirs up now – but was remarkably silent – when Buffalo Bills Defensive Tackle Adolphus Washington had a run-in with police this summer.

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Adolphus Washington has been arrested in Ohio on a weapons charge.

The Cincinnati native and former Ohio State standout is accused of improperly carrying a concealed weapon outside a water park in Sharonville.

A police report says officers were breaking up a crowd at the water park Sunday night when Washington “reached for and displayed a gun while sitting inside his vehicle, just feet away from officers.”

However, TMZ reported that this led to a tense standoff between the defensive lineman and police, though Washington fully cooperated with police. TMZ also noted Washington reported having a permit for the weapon, which the NFL noted in their report on the subject, and that he was simply trying to put the weapon away before leaving the vicinity when police saw the Glock pistol and reacted.

This had all the makings of what the NFL is currently whining about. You had a black individual dealing with a negative reaction from law enforcement, civil liberties, everything.

Yet remarkably little was said about Washington’s situation. Part of that may stem from being acquitted of all charges in late August, but there was still plenty of time for players to speak up. For all their talk about Alejandro Villaneuva’s decision on Sunday to not join with his team in the tunnel and to instead stand and show his respect for the flag being a case of “letting down the team,” where were the league and the other players in defending Washington’s Second Amendment rights?

The fact is that most of the players don’t give a damn about any issue other than them not liking President Trump and are trying to show him a giant middle finger. Nothing more, nothing less. If it were about the rights of individuals, they should have been calling for charges to be dropped against Washington as soon as they heard he had a permit. They should have been standing up, kneeling, or speaking out against a government, any government, that would stand in the way of a man’s Second Amendment rights.

Make no mistake, the NFL doesn’t actually care about civil liberties. If they did, they would at least be consistent. Not only do these players seemingly refuse to stand publicly with Washington, but there was no outrage that players were barred from honoring slain police officers or 9/11. It’s no wonder they refused to stand up for their colleague’s Second Amendment rights, despite most players reportedly owning firearms.

For all their complaints about their rights, these players are remarkably silent about other people’s rights…particularly if they’re rights typically associated with the right.

Funny that, ain’t it?