UNH Professor Calls For Complete Gun Ban In Class

The idea that most college professors oppose the private ownership of firearms is hardly controversial. Colleges and universities are breeding grounds for anti-gun thought and rhetoric, after all, so it’s no surprise to hear that a college professor vocally favored the U.S. following the Australian model of civilian disarmament.

What’s troubling is that it was all done in a class on casino management.

From Campus Reform:

Following the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, a professor at the University of New Hampshire suggested to her students that the U.S. should ban private ownership of firearms.

When he walked into class on the evening of October 11, Josh Fox told Campus Reform that he expected there would be some type of discussion about the shooting in Las Vegas, given that the course is called “Casino Management” and the shooter in Vegas unloaded his weapons from a casino hotel room.

Fox said he was nonetheless taken by surprise when Professor Valentini Kalargyrou showed a video about Australia’s gun laws, declaring after it ended that “maybe we follow Australia’s example. That would be great.”

Kalargyrou, an associate professor from Greece whose specialization is in “human resources and gaming, with a concentration in diversity and disability issues in the workplace,” opened the discussion by asking her students to consider what could have prevented the shooting.

According to Fox, most of the students’ responses were related to the casino’s policies, such as increasing hotel security, but Kalargyrou suggested that the obvious answer is to simply ban all guns.

Students were then subjected to a Bloomberg-backed anti-gun “documentary.”

Unfortunately, this is life on college campuses. Professors routinely issue political diatribes that have little to do with the class they’re teaching, all because no one can stop them. Any attempt to do so is met with cries of “academic freedom.” Meanwhile, the students who signed up and are paying for a class about how to run a casino are instead being lectured on how awesome gun control is.

None of that delves into the realities that gun control simply doesn’t work. It never has, it never will, and no, comparing our crime statistics with those of other countries is an exercise in futility since their reporting criteria are different. That makes any attempt at comparisons a case of apples and unicycles.

Yet anti-gun zealots don’t care about that. All they care about is pushing their narrative, that guns are bad and should go away, and that’s all this incident is about.

A professor has a captive audience where she can attempt to indoctrinate students with a one-sided debate on the merits of gun control without even attempting to put it within the context of the class. Had she at least attempted to present a case why good casino management should include the restriction of private individuals carrying firearms…well, she’d have still been wrong, but at least it would fit within the scope of the class.

As it stands, however? Nothing but pure propaganda and a clumsy presentation of it.