Attorney's Client List May Reveal Anti-Gun Celebrities' Hypocrisy

It seems that most celebrities are anti-gun. Oh, I’m sure that’s not really true. I suspect that most are kind of apathetic on the issue, and a few are known to support gun rights. However, it seems that the only ones you ever see talking about guns are the anti-gun zealots.


Yet if we’ve learned anything from the Harvey Weinstein fiasco, we can see just how many of them are complete and total hypocrites.

We may get to see another example of that from New York. An attorney known for helping get people the difficult-to-obtain New York City gun permits now has to hand over his client list as investigators dig into allegations that he bribed a police officer to help secure those permits for people.

Self-proclaimed gun lawyer-to-the-stars John Chambers was ordered to fork over his extensive client list — opening the door to the feds probing movie stars and comedians who may have obtained gun permits from the troubled Brooklyn lawyer.

Manhattan federal Judge William Pauley on Wednesday ordered Chambers, a former Brooklyn prosecutor, to turn over invoices for any client who had “any kind of business” with the NYPD’s licensing division in the last seven years.

The former prosecutor was arrested in April on charges that he bribed police officer David Villanueva, a sergeant assigned to the NYPD License Division, with cash, Broadway shows and an $8,000 Paul Picot watch in exchange for gun licenses.

Chambers’ web site boasts a client list that includes a slew of unspecified celebrities, including a “Movie Star,” “Radio Personality,” “Famous Artist,” “Saturday Night Live Alum” and “NY Times Best Selling Author.”

The document request will reveal the identities of several hundred clients, according to Chambers’ lawyer Jacqueline Weyland.


Oh, this could be hysterical.

If this information is made public, and evidence from criminal cases often does, then we could get a glimpse at just who is a hypocrite when it comes to gun rights?

Let’s be honest, someone like Ted Nugent showing up on this guy’s client list wouldn’t be controversial in the least. Ted’s a gun rights advocate as it is, so him seeking to get a permit in such a gun restrictive city would be consistent with his stated beliefs.

But what if Julianne Moore was on that list? What if she hired Chambers to help her get a gun permit?

At that point, her full hypocrisy would be on display for the entire world to see. Hell, even if she never got the permit, just seeking one would destroy her credibility for years on the subject of guns…not that she has any, but still.

What if the NY Times Best Selling Author is part of the Everytown Authors Council?

One of the more apathetic celebrities? I don’t care. They have a right to own a gun as much as the next guy, and the fact that any city in this country is so restrictive in allowing people to exercise that right that people need to hire an attorney to make that happen is ridiculous. But the moment you want to restrict my Second Amendment rights while wanting to exercise yours, you’re a hypocrite of the first order and deserve all the ridicule that would come.


I just hope this list goes public. I enjoy a bit of schadenfreude from time to time.

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