Man Shoots Himself In Wiener Following Wiener Stand Robbery

Everyone has a bad day. That includes criminals. Usually, though, a bad day involves being caught by police, which makes it a good day for the rest of society. However, one alleged Chicago crook had a bad day that pretty much tops whatever your last bad day was about.


A man who robbed a Far South Side hot dog stand accidentally shot himself in the leg and penis as he tried to escape early Tuesday, according to court documents.

Terrion Pouncy, 19, remained hospitalized at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn on Thursday after the robbery about 6 a.m. Tuesday at the Original Maxwell Street Polish, 11656 S. Halsted St. in the West Pullman neighborhood, and so did not appear for his bond hearing Thursday, according to records. Judge Stephanie Miller ordered him held without bail, pending a hearing Tuesday, according to court records.

Police were called to 700 block of West 116th about 6 a.m. Tuesday  regarding a person shot and found Pouncy with two gunshot wounds, one to the right thigh and one to the penis, according to his arrest report.

About the same time, two employees of the hot dog stand called 911 to report that the restaurant — open 24 hours, according to its website — had been robbed, according to the report.

It’s almost poetic. He robs a place that sells weiners, then shoots himself in the wiener? I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.


Witnesses at the hot dog stand described the robber as wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and also wearing a face-concealing dark scarf. He’s alleged to have entered the place, pulled out his firearm and demanded money from the restaurant’s register.

Two people working at the stand complied. Pouncey is alleged to have then reached into one of the man’s pockets and pulled out his wallet, which was also stolen.

The witnesses then claim that as the robber ran away, he apparently tried to stick his weapon in the waistband of his pants when it discharged. Pouncey reportedly continued running. He’s alleged to have ditched a few items before calling the police to say he’d been shot.

Unfortunately for Pouncey, the employee’s wallet was recovered near where he was found with wounds consistent with someone shooting themselves while trying to stick a gun in their waistband.

Rather hilarious wounds, I might add.

It’s unknown whether the weapon allegedly used was recovered or not, but that’s not going to help Pouncey’s case. If he’s convicted, he’ll spend a fair bit of time in prison, as he should. It won’t be pleasant, however, even by prison standards. After all, can you imagine being known as the guy who almost shot his junk off during a robbery?


The big question is whether this taught Pouncey the error of his ways? Assuming, of course, that he truly is guilty–everyone has a right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, after all. If so, this is nothing more than the culmination of countless poor life choices he’s made that all led to him reportedly shooting himself in the Jimmy.

If that’s not a “Come to Jesus” moment, what is?

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