Democratic Fundraiser Charged With Multiple Gun Felonies

Democrats, as a general rule, want to limit yours and my access to guns. They may give you all kinds of justification, but the truth is that almost all of them want to limit what kind of guns you can buy to some extent. They would have the average American believe they’re all about responsibility and that guns in private hands are the real problem.


It looks like the issue is really guns in Democrats’ private hands.

Veteran Democratic fundraiser Matthew Lieberman has been charged with multiple felony gun crimes after allegedly firing a handgun and shouting racial slurs at eyewitnesses at two businesses Tuesday.

According to court documents, Lieberman reportedly pointed a handgun at someone at the Amoco gas station on Skinker Boulevard and Highway 40 (Interstate 64) while using racial epithets. He then allegedly fired multiple shots at the building from his car.

In court documents, investigators said surveillance footage showed Lieberman with the gun, and bullet casings at the scene matched the make and model of bullet casings found in Lieberman’s car.

In a separate incident at the Jack in the Box on Hampton Avenue, Lieberman became irate, shouting racial epithets at multiple people performing maintenance work on the restaurant, according to court documents. He discharged a gun multiple times from a Mercedes sedan, the documents say.

Lieberman was arrested on Wednesday and is charged with unlawful use of a weapon and armed criminal action charges, but because he acted like a racist schmuck and started yelling racial slurs, he gets what they’re terming a “hate crime enhancement.”


Isn’t it amusing to see Democrats hoisted by their proverbial petards?

Of course, this may explain why so many leftists think ordinary Americans can’t be trusted with firearms. They know that many of their friends can’t be trusted with firearms, and since they’re so much “better” than ordinary Americans because they hold all the right opinions, how can the average Joe possibly be trusted?

The thing is, 99.99999 percent of all Americans look at the antics Lieberman allegedly pulled and shake their head in disgust. We all know that unless he was legitimately in fear of his life, there was no reason to pull that gun. Further, we know that being approached by a minority doesn’t constitute being in fear of losing your life by any stretch of the imagination.

While we only have part of the picture at this time, we’ll have to see what exactly was going on here, but it seems that Lieberman–assuming he actually did these things, of course–may have some mental health issues. Either that or he’s the racist that the left has been looking for.


It’ll be interesting to see who all he raised money for. More importantly, it’ll be interesting to see if the Democrats he raised funds for will do anything about that money. After all, if anyone on the right were in that boat the media would be all over them to either donate the money or return it or something.

But the left usually gets to play by a different set of rules.

It just seems that their set of rules doesn’t keep them from being arrested for a firearm related felony with a hate crime enhancement. Who knew?


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