Missouri Homeowner Shoots Would-Be Home Invaders

For all the talk regarding mass shootings like Las Vegas or Sutherland Springs, the greatest threat to most people are your average, ordinary everyday crooks who will break into your home to steal your television.


A Missouri homeowner recently had such a close encounter…and it worked out just fine for him.

Columbia Police are investigating an attempted home invasion in the 3200 block of Mexico Gravel Road.

Officers were called to the home just before 10 p.m. Sunday.

The homeowner, Levi Strodman, said his wife heard the knock and sent him to the door. He grabbed his pistol, which he said he always carries in the home.

“It’s kind of taboo but I encourage it, obviously now,” he said.

When he got to the door, he saw the peephole was obstructed but he thought a neighbor was just having fun. When he cracked the door, an armed suspect tried to force his way in.

“He rushed it and I put force back on him and was able to stop him immediately,” said Strodman. “He was still fighting to make his way through and was gaining ground. Then he presented a pistol.”

Strodman said he lost his footing and fell down the stairs, but not before he fired twice at the intruder, who ran off.

“In this case, I was able to literally save my life and my wife from someone who wished to do us harm,” he said.

Former prosecutor Bill Tackett said it’s a textbook case of Missouri’s castle doctrine and stand your ground in action.


Yes. Yes, it is.

I recently spoke with someone who made the comment about having time to rack the slide on their semi-auto pistol and take the safety off before there was some kind of a problem, but this story shows just how fast something like that can change. Strodman went from thinking it was a neighbor goofing around to having to fight for his life.

Would he have had time to rack the slide?

Strodman went to the door armed and ready, and while it may be “kind of taboo,” it shouldn’t be. Prudence dictates being ready for a potential problem every time you go to the door. This is especially true if you’re in a bad neighborhood, but it can happen literally anywhere.

This is also why every state should have some variation of the Castle Doctrine. Strodman didn’t have to worry about whether he needed to try and retreat or anything else. Instead, he was presented with a clear threat and dealt with it.

Police are unsure whether Strodman hit his attacker or not, though there is some damage inside the home that appears to have come from Strodman’s gunfire. However, it’s not overly surprising that the crook ran even if he wasn’t wounded. Time and time again, the mere presence of a firearm will sap the criminal’s will to continue the confrontation, even if they’re armed themselves. The fact that Strodman fired indicated that he was more than ready to shoot to protect him and his, which undoubtedly convinced the attacker that there were easier ways to make a few bucks.


I’m glad the Strodman’s were unhurt and home the police are able to find the would-be attacker soon.

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