NYC Police Seek Information On Group Of Men Involved In Gunfight

The NYPD is desperately seeking information about a group of men involved in a gunfight outside of a Bronx building early Saturday morning. Apparently, the men were apparently in some kind of a fight, then things got ugly.


One of the men in the first group then punched a man in the second group, police said. Two men in the first group and one in the second then pulled out handguns and began firing at each other, police said.

After the shots were fired, everyone left, police said.

There were no injuries reported, police said.

Police described four suspects from the second group as Hispanic males in their late teens or early 20s. One last seen wearing a dark hat and all dark clothing, a second wearing a black jacket and jeans, a third seen wearing all dark clothing, and a fourth wearing gray hoodie and all dark clothing.

I’m going to call BS on this.


Well, with New York City’s strict gun control laws, there’s absolutely no way such men could have legally obtained weapons and the means to carry them. Unless…


Can’t be.

I mean, unless gun laws are actually completely useless when it comes to disarming criminals and only impact the law-abiding individuals who wouldn’t be a problem in the first place. That can’t be it, right?

For that to be the case, it would mean that the criminal element in the Big Apple can’t be trusted to obey laws, and clearly, that isn’t the case. I’ve been assured that gun control laws work, after all, so this crime simply couldn’t happen.


OK, that’s enough snark.

Seriously, these are the stories I think about every time someone pushes for more gun control. This is New York City, with the strictest gun control laws in the nation. They have laws so strict that I’m just waiting for the Supreme Court to squash them like a bug.


Yet they still have plenty of crime.


Even if they did successfully eliminate guns and their use in crime, all that would do is relegate criminals to use another implement like a knife. This would favor larger, stronger criminals over their weaker prey. Women, in particular, would be hardest impacted since the average man is bigger and stronger than the average woman.

Not even the odd self-defense class would really equip women to deal with these violent encounters, so many would be victimized and have no real, meaningful way to protect themselves.

You know, like a gun.

But the gun grabbers can’t eliminate guns among the criminal class. This incident should prove that. The bad guys already have guns regardless of whatever laws you put in place, and they’ll have gun fights outside of Bronx buildings way too early in the morning.

Instead, it keeps the people who want to protect themselves from those guys unarmed. Had those shooters entered an apartment building, they could have killed dozens before help arrived, simply because no one would have been able to defend themselves.

That’s not a feature, New York City. That’s a bug.

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