Controversy Over Sporting Goods Store Moving To Palm Beach Mall

Until such time as the Supreme Court nullifies any and all gun laws and restrictions on who can carry and where they can carry, there will always be some controversy over where those limits lie. However, every now and then, we get a glimpse at the hand of those who would see us disarmed completely and see that there are literally no places they will accept firearms even existing, regardless of the circumstances.

Take an op-ed regarding a Dick’s Sporting Goods potentially moving to a Palm Beach, FL mall.

You can purchase a lot of things at the mall nowadays, from candles to cars. But a hunting rifle? No. Too many targets. Too little security. Too much individual instability.

Some places are just off-limits

Dick’s, which would occupy space in the Sears store just around the corner from Mrs. Fields and Zales Jewelers, is mulling offering the opportunity to buy arms and ammunition, much to the chagrin of Palm Beach Gardens’ police chief and other city leaders.

Yes, Dick’s Sporting Goods may have the law on its side. But there is just something wrong about this.

Florida, thanks to our weak-kneed Legislature and succession of law-and-order governors, has earned its moniker, the “Gunshine State.” But even they, so far, have deemed certain places off limits — schools and college campuses, for example.

And while there has never been a court challenge regarding retailers in shopping malls like the Gardens and Town Center at Boca Raton, exposing these so-called “soft targets” to the whims of a deranged individual — like those in Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, Texas, or Orlando — would have to be a big no-no.

In other words, the issue here is that a place that sells firearms might move into a mall.

Make no mistake, there are already guns in that mall. I promise you, there are guns moving into and out of that mall each and every day it’s opened, with no problems whatsoever. Nor will there be.

What the writer here, one Rick Christie, fails to note is how mass shootings have an overwhelming tendency to take place not in gun stores or locations adjacent to gun stores, but in places where firearms aren’t allowed. A mall in Florida–as Christie notes, a state known as the “Gunshine State”–is a poor choice for such escapades due to the chance of meeting armed resistance almost immediately.

But Christie is either ignorant or willfully ignores such facts.

Instead, he posits a fantasy where people purchasing guns at Dick’s will be gunned down by armed citizens who think an attack is about to take place. He even quotes Police Chief Stephen Stepp who apparently thinks we’re all just a bunch of Rambos waiting for the chance to go off, yet at no point is there even a single example of this having ever happened. Anywhere.

Frankly, I hope Dick’s does move into the mall, if for no other reason than to watch as precisely nothing happens as a result.

People can get prickly when it comes to stores that sell guns, but why? It’s a legal product and the vast majority of them are never used for any ill purpose. Cars are far more likely to be used to hurt someone than a gun will be, yet we get paranoia like this.

The only way to deal with it is to show just how unfounded such squeamishness is.