Authorities Concerned Over Gun Violence Wave On Australia's Gold Coast

Over and over again, we’re told that we should adopt gun laws more akin to those in the UK or Australia. Such places are presented as some kind of peaceful Utopia by anti-gun zealots in the United States. Over and over again, politicos and activists push for the kind of laws these countries have.

Meanwhile, on Australia’s Gold Coast, authorities are concerned about a recent uptick in gun violence.

GOLD Coast police say a wave of gun violence less than three months out from the Commonwealth Games is ‘a concern’.

It comes as Coast Mayor Tom Tate warned his city’s reputation was ‘at stake’ during the Games and said he would like to see more police.

Two men have been shot — one of them fatally — and a house hit with gunfire on the Glitter Strip over the past week.

The latest firearm incident happened on Wednesday night when a house at Arundel was fired at in a drive-by shooting.

Acting Inspector Matt Ward, of Surfers Paradise CIB, said the three shootings were not connected and were targeted rather than random attacks.

But he said the spate of shootings was concerning.

This is impossible! I’ve been assured by the anti-gun jihadis that nothing of this type can happen, that if we make guns illegal for everyone then criminals won’t be able to get their hands on them. Life would be grand.

Yet sure enough, there’s still gun violence taking place.

That’s because criminals simply don’t follow the laws, but they do have access to illicit materials like drugs. Unless you have an IQ lower than your shoe size, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand that if guns become illegal, it becomes profitable to send guns via the same or similar pipelines as drugs have been coming through for years.

The only difference is that only the criminals are armed. There are no armed citizens to oppose them, putting the totality of the burden on law enforcement. Since police can’t be there when a crime is committed the vast majority of the time, it means the armed criminals can have their way.

After all, who’s going to stop them?

No one. Not a soul.

And that’s the world anti-gunners envision…except they don’t envision it. They really don’t. They instead delude themselves that violence will somehow be a thing of the past, that it will simply disappear into the ether.

They’ve managed to delude themselves to believe they can create a better world by removing our sacred and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. They won’t. Instead, they’ll empower criminals over victims, thugs over neighborhoods, and the rapist over the potential victim.  They won’t make the world better, they’ll create a nightmare dystopia they wouldn’t want to live in.

But then, will they see the error of their ways? Will they see the problem with disarming law-abiding people?

Of course not. They’ll look for new things to control because that’s just what they do.

Meanwhile, the rest of us know the way to combat violence. You simply make it too risky to be violent. That happens when you have armed citizens all over the place, standing by in case they need to respond.

It’s just that simple, and Australia doesn’t have that, hence their current problem.