Comedian Embraces Concealed Carry Following Robbery

Being the victim of a violent crime is terrifying. There’s really no other way to describe it. Some people, after the fact, shut down. They’re horrified at the thought of even leaving their home–assuming that’s not where the crime took place–or being alone. It changes how they function and it can create some profound mental health issues.


Others respond a bit differently. They find themselves looking for ways to not be a victim again.

That latter camp is where comedian Tim Young apparently found himself after being robbed at gunpoint.

Tim Young, who hosts the No Things Considered show for the paper, said he was accosted by two young black men wearing parkas and winter gear that covered their faces around 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday. He was walking near the intersection of 6th and M streets near the city’s Wharf district when one of the men grabbed him from behind and the other threatened to shoot him if he didn’t hand over his phone.

“When they came up behind me, of course, I fought it,” Young said. “Then they threatened me and I said ‘take the cellphone.’ Whatever. I’m not going to be a hero. As soon as they got it from me they ran.”

As the robbers made off with Young’s Galaxy S7, bystanders at the well-lit intersection in the newly rejuvenated waterfront neighborhood called the police. Of the half dozen or so people nearby, Young said an elderly couple walking their dogs were the only ones who tried to help him after the robbers fled. That couple called 911 and handed Young their phone so he could talk to police.

“They handed me the phone and I’m like, ‘okay, thanks guys.’ I mean, it’s like a weird moment,” Young said. “There were like two other guys that were standing there and the old couple were like ‘you saw that, right’ and they were like, ‘yeah’ and the guys just walked off like nothing happened.”

Young said he felt completely powerless during the robbery.

Young said he doesn’t currently own a gun and never has, but the attack has changed everything.


That’s not all that unusual. A lot of people find themselves the victim of an attack and decide it’s time to “arm up.” Frankly, I think it’s probably a healthy response so long as it doesn’t stop at getting a gun. A gun isn’t really enough. You also need training. You need to learn how to use a gun properly.

Not to imply that Young won’t do that. I’m quite sure he’s already gotten similar advice, of course, but it’s advice that needs to be repeated. It’s important that people understand that having a gun doesn’t make you a badass, it makes you armed. An armed idiot doing stupid things is still an idiot doing stupid things. Getting training will help eliminate that.

But it’s funny how often people don’t think anything about the Second Amendment until they run smack into reality. There’s a saying that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. While that’s not always the case, it does seem to work out that way more often than not.

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