Mother Of Dead Robber Thinks Armed Employee Was Out Of Line

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The reason so many of us have opted to carry a firearm is so we won’t get shot ourselves by a criminal trying to enforce his will on us. If someone comes in with a gun and threatens people’s lives, we don’t want to just sit there and be powerless. We don’t want to have to live with the knowledge that we could have done something but didn’t because we lacked the appropriate tools to do so.


But we also know what will happen if we’re forced to shoot. Someone will claim we shouldn’t have. Someone will try and claim we didn’t do things right.

Take, for example, the case of a now dead armed robbery suspect in North Carolina.

The parents are angry that their son was shot and killed by an employee. They don’t believe the full story has been released to the public.

Apparently, Ms. Hairston believes there’s some kind of conspiracy surrounding the fact that a Pizza Hut employee chose to carry a concealed gun while working in a retail operation that’s open late into the night. She can’t fathom why someone who’s working for a living would violate his employer’s policy by packing while on the job.

Hairston thinks there was something more going here. Her son had worked at that particular Pizza Hut in the past and was no doubt a model employee.

She said her son was shot in the head, and she thinks the shooting may have even been personal, citing past conflicts Grace Jr. had had with other employees at the restaurant.

“This wasn’t a body shot. This was a head shot. My son was shot in the left side of his head just behind his ear. A head shot is personal,” said Hairston.

Besides, no one has the right to use deadly force to defend himself and other innocents during the commission of a crime. We can’t have people shooting armed robbers who threaten them. Only police officers should have that right.

“If there was to be a death, it was not the place of the employee at Pizza Hut. That is the place of law enforcement,” said Hairston.

Because as we all know, police are always able to be at the scene of every crime, right when they’re needed most.


This, of course, is standard operating procedure after some criminal scumbag is killed committing a crime. Invariably, they begin to lash out and claim the shooter was out of line. Perhaps the most famous example was the cousin of Trevon Johnson, who was shot and killed after breaking into a woman’s home, who famously said, “You have to understand… how he going to get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”

No, we don’t.

I get that people are upset that their loved one is dead. I get that. I also get the frustration that they are dead because of the actions of another human being who apparently won’t be punished.

However, it’s also important to understand why that person won’t be punished. Self-defense is a basic human right. No one is required to accept being hurt by criminals, which means they get to fight back. Sometimes, the good guys are better or faster than the bad guys, and we get a case like this one.

It’s clear that Hairston is talking out of her third point of contact.

First, headshots aren’t personal; they’re difficult. At that range, people can get headshots all day long, but in the real world, things change. In a situation like this, adrenaline is running through your veins, and your hands shake, and the target moves. These factors contribute to making it difficult. I’d be willing to bet that the headshot wasn’t personal, it was accidental. The shooter may well have aimed for center mass and missed.


It happens.

But for people like Hairston, someone who is looking for someone to blame other than her punk son who decided armed robbery was a viable career move, it doesn’t matter. She just wants someone to blame for her poor parenting.

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