This State Considering Campus Carry Bill

There have been a number of mass shootings on college campuses through the years. Most notoriously, the Virginia Tech massacre where a maniac murdered 32 people and injured more than twenty others. There are, unfortunately, numerous other examples.

Yet not a single mass shooting has happened at a college where campus carry was legal.

Now, the state of Kentucky is considering joining the number of states that allow concealed carry license holders to carry firearms on campus.

House Bill 210 was filed in Kentucky Tuesday, which would allow guns to be carried on college campuses.

At this time public universities in Kentucky do not allow students with concealed weapons licenses to carry guns on campus.

The goal of the bill’s sponsors is that public universities are included in places controlled by public funds required to allow people with concealed carry permits or licenses to carry their firearm.

It’s also worth noting that the bill doesn’t change the concealed carry license requirements. Those require someone to be 21 years of age, so this won’t lead to punk 18-year-old kids carrying a firearm. This only applies to people who meet the requirements that have been in place for years.

Make no mistake, though. Opponents of this bill will argue that it does, despite there being zero change in licensing requirement. Then again, gun grabbers have never really been good with facts. These are the same kinds of people who have used any shooting on a campus carry college to claim campus carry made the school less safe despite precisely no licensed carriers being involved.

They’re eager for something to happen that they can pin on campus carry.

Too bad they’re going to have a long, long wait.

Time and time again, we find that people who have concealed carry permits are among the most law-abiding citizens out there. They are even less likely to commit a crime than police officers, judges, and politicians.

Unfortunately, the gun grabbers are freaked out over the idea of armed citizens being…well…anywhere, but especially on college campuses for some insane reason. Mostly it’s probably because facts don’t really apply, especially the fact that people with concealed carry permits aren’t the problem. They have never been.

“All this bill aims to do is give law-abiding citizens here in Kentucky the right to protect themselves,” says Kentucky Rep. Tim Moore, who is sponsoring the legislation along with  Rep. Wesley Morgan. Both Republican lawmakers understand that armed citizens are just trying to protect themselves. They’re not walking around Tombstone looking for their own O.K. Corral (which, ironically enough, was sparked because of illegally carried firearms).

Armed students won’t make the campus less safe, but safer. Mass shooters will have to factor that possibility into their planning, which may well make Kentucky college campuses far, far less attractive. These maniacs want a high body count. They don’t want to die in their first confrontation, and that means they’ll look for places where armed citizens can’t be.

This isn’t rocket science, so why is it so difficult for some people to comprehend it?