Mother, Daughter Take On Armed Robber


Amid all the anti-gun hysteria these days, it’s important to remember just how useful firearms actually are. They allow people who would otherwise be victims to defend themselves.


A prime example of this comes out of Oklahoma where a mother and daughter took on the guy trying to rob their family-owned liquor store. It did not work out well for him.

The two women spoke out about the incident, as well.

When the gunman turned away, the women said they grabbed guns of their own and opened fire.

They said all they could think about was saving the other’s life.

“The next thing I know that I have my gun and I’m shooting him. And I get up and I shoot him again, and he just keeps coming back to me,” said Ring.

The alleged robber was shot in the leg but he didn’t give up.

He grabbed Ring, pistol whipped her and then tried to go after her daughter.

“Until you have a gun waving at you, you don’t know what you’re gonna be thinking. It happened so fast, but it seemed like it lasted for so long,” said Lee.

Lee was able to squeeze off another round at point-blank range, shooting the man.

The would-be robber was in critical condition.

There will probably be a few folks who argue that, had they not engaged the robber, all would have been fine. To be fair, it might have.

But then again, it might not have. People get murdered in robberies like this far too often. Because of that, these two women were clearly in fear of their lives and acted accordingly. As a result, they’re here and relatively unharmed while their attacker is now in critical condition.

Further, I tend to believe he had no intention of allowing these women to live. After all, why else did he come back after Ring shot at him the first time? The gig was up, right? But he didn’t back down. He kept coming, trying to disarm Ring. Upon finding that Lee was also willing to pull the trigger, he continued to attack. He was ferocious in his assault. Because of that, I can’t help but believe that he had no intention of allowing either woman to walk out of that store. Ever.


Luckily, it’s academic at this point. Lee and Ring did walk out of that store while the criminal didn’t. He had to be carried and, assuming he survives his wounds, will stand trial.

Let’s remember this one the next time someone tries to pretend that no one really needs a firearm. The bad guy here had one, one I sincerely doubt he obtained legally. The only hope for Ring and Lee’s survival was to be armed themselves, which they were.

If some people had their way, the two women would be dead right now, and their killer would probably be the topic of some news story about how he had a horrible home life or something. That’s assuming they even knew who he was. He may well have walked away from that day and continued to rob over and over again.

Only now, he won’t. That’s a win, no matter how you slice it.

Watch the video of the encounter below.

Hat tip: RedState

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