Candidate For Sheriff Really Okay With Gunning Down Americans

Time and time again, the anti-gunner crowd tries to paint Second Amendment advocates as violent. After all, they argue, we want guns which are weapons. Only a violent person would want weapons, right?


Yet what we find is that they’re the ones who are really okay with killing people. In particular, us.

Take R. Daryl Fisher, a candidate for sheriff in Buncombe County, North Carolina. While speaking with an anti-gun crowd, he jokes about being ready to kill Americans who don’t want to give up their Second Amendment rights.

“You’ve heard people say: ‘You’ll have to pry my gun from my cold, dead hands,” Fisher said before a moment’s pause. “Okay.”

Now, let’s keep something in mind here. The moment the government starts going after otherwise law-abiding people to take their guns, it will be a spark that will start something neither side should want. It will lead to a lot of bloodshed, and not just the gun owners’. And Fisher thinks this is something to casually joke about?

As my colleague over at RedState, Brandon Morse, notes:

In a way, I understand misguided calls for banning and restricting firearms. It’s a shame that many people don’t have the facts, and I blame a very uncooperative media who would rather sew fear and ignorance than education and safety. This ignorance leads to, sadly, more harm than good. However, it’s important that we understand that many do not know much more than what they’re told, and have little time or interest in finding out the whole story.

What I can’t understand, and will not abide, is the straightforward calls for the deaths of myself, my family, my friends, and millions of American gun owners all over this nation because they don’t want their rights infringed.

Fisher is a sick individual who should not be allowed anywhere near a badge.


Morse is, of course, dead on.

Imagine, if you will, the outrage had Fisher said anything similar about any other constitutionally protected right. He’d have already been forced to pull out of the race, and with good cause. He’s talking about killing Americans who don’t want to give up a right. I don’t care how often you claim otherwise, the Second Amendment doesn’t deserve less protection than the right to free speech or protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

But this is the mindset that we’re dealing with. All we want is to be left alone, and all they want is to strip us of our rights or harm us if we don’t want to comply. It’s just that simple.

Is it any wonder so few of us refuse to budge even a single inch? This is what we’re up against. They’re bullies who are bound and determined to make sure their victims are disarmed. After they strip us of our guns–or murdered those of us who refuse to do so–what’s next? What boundaries will they ignore the next time?

We’ve said before that the Second Amendment is the right that protects all of the others, and it’s true. Without us pesky gun owners to worry about anymore, what else ends up on the table?


Not that people like Fisher will even acknowledge the possibility of such a thing.

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