GOA Speaks Out On Misinformation Surrounding Armed Teachers

One of the more surprisingly controversial proposals to pop up in the wake of Parkland was the idea of having armed teachers inside the school. I say it’s surprisingly controversial because it’s nothing more than what several states already do.


However, there’s been massive backlash over the mere suggestion of armed teachers, with some pretty disgusting hyperbole that I’m surprised hasn’t infuriated teachers.

Now, the Gun Owners of America have issued a statement to point out how little people understand the very issues at the heart of the discussion.

March For Our Lives Protesters “Don’t Know the Facts” About Arming Teachers

Springfield, VA – Representatives from Gun Owners of America (GOA) interviewed protesters at the “March For Our Lives” protest on Saturday, March 24.

Protesters were unable to give substantive solutions on school shootings. In fact, when one protester was asked about a solution for school safety, her response was simply, “ban guns.” Another protester stated she was against arming teachers, but admitted she “[didn’t] know the facts about it.”

The video, which has gathered over 750,000 views, can be viewed here or here.

“No marcher I interviewed could name for me a single gun control law that criminals would obey, but they were all sure that arming adults in schools would not work to save lives,” GOA’s Executive Director Erich Pratt observed on Twitter.


Here’s the video for your easy viewing pleasure.


Of course, much of this is comedy gold, such as the woman who describes the rifle fatality statistic as “fake news,” only to learn it comes from the FBI.

But this also highlights the problem of much of the current debate. Those of us who understand firearms see so much inaccurate information being spread, information that describes AR-15s as being something akin to a Star Trek phaser set to disintegrate, among other things. Further, any attempt to correct this ignorance is now termed as “gunsplaining.

In other words, they don’t know what they’re talking about and they don’t want to.

The GOA video shows just how prevalent that ignorance is with the crowd who purports to know how to solve the issue of gun violence. It’s legitimately disturbing while also hysterically funny.

It would be funnier if these people weren’t working so blasted hard to take away our Second Amendment rights while painting us all as bloodthirsty child killers who feast on the entrails of the fallen.


The fact that we’re not the ones making political hay out of each and every incident is completely irrelevant.

This, my friends, is the world we live in. For better or worse, these are the people we’re arguing against. However, let us not lose hope. We aren’t about to change their minds, but we’re not really trying to. Right now, there are a lot of people supporting gun control measures because they think they’re supposed to, but they’re not the rabid supporter. Those are the people who swing back and forth, and that’s where the battleground actually is. Those are the hearts and minds we need to convince.

And convincing them starts with pointing out how little some of these people even know about the topic at hand, including how few rifles are used in violent crimes each and every year.

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