Houston Woman Defends Herself From Brutal Attack With Her Gun

A woman in Houston, TX is apparently quite lucky that some people in this country haven’t gotten their way. You see, she was attacked by a number of men in masks who beat her, broke her jaw, and grabbed her wallet out of her purse.


As if that wasn’t enough, the woman got away from them and into the house but they decided to come in after her. It didn’t work out well for them.

Police are looking for a group of masked men who beat and robbed a woman Tuesday outside a southwest Houston home.

According to police, a woman in her 50s was in the driveway of her home in the 11500 block of Montverde Lane when she was ambushed by three armed men wearing masks.

Police said the men beat her, broke her jaw and took her wallet from her purse. The woman’s mother, who inside the home, saw the attack and called police.

“During the fight, she was able to get inside the house. At that point, the males apparently kicked the window in, tried to get in the house. The original female obtained a pistol she ran out and started shooting at the suspects. The suspects jumped in the car and left,” said HPD Lt. Larry Crowson.

Investigators said they do not believe the attack was random.They are investigating why the woman’s home was targeted.

No, it doesn’t sound random at all. It sounds pretty personal. After all, why would a group of men attack a woman for her wallet? Unless they knew she had thousands in cash in there or something, it doesn’t make sense, especially in a day and age when fewer people are carrying actual paper money.

However, there are a few things we can take away from this incident.

First, this is an example of the use of a firearm in self-defense that often gets missed. You see, when anti-gunners look at armed self-defense, they only tend to count the number of times someone is killed in a self-defense situation. That’s not accurate, and this case illustrates why.


Regardless of why the woman was targeted, she could easily have been killed. She was already in a lot of pain from a broken jaw, and the fact that they came in the house to go after her indicates her life was clearly in danger. I can’t help but believe this group of men wanted her dead. I seriously doubt they’d want to sell her magazine subscriptions or anything.

So, she got her pistol and fired.

No one died, which is fine. The important thing, at least to her, is that she didn’t die. The assailants ran, ending the threat.

By using self-defense fatalities, anti-gunners are completely ignoring cases like this where the gun saves a life without killing anyone.

Another takeaway here is the importance of having a gun on you at all times. In this case, the woman was lucky. She was able to get away and get to her firearm. But what if she hadn’t? She could have died mere feet away from the very tool that could have saved her life.

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