Vermont House Passes New Firearm Restrictions

The whole point of the gun control movement is to convince other people to buy into the delusion that that restrictions on guns will actually accomplish anything. Right now, they appear to be a lot more successful than they should be, boosted by the anti-gun hysteria following Parkland.


The latest to act on the delusion is the state of Vermont, which just passed new gun control legislation.

The Vermont House this week passed legislation imposing new restrictions on gun ownership, including raising the legal age for buying a gun to 21 years old.

The legislation passed Tuesday in the Vermont House by a vote of 89-54, falling mostly along party lines, The Associated Press reported.

It’s the second time the legislation was approved by the House, something required by Vermont law. A version of the bill has also passed Vermont’s Senate, but the Senate must pass the bill for a second time.

The House legislation also bans high-capacity magazines and bump stocks.

During the vote, a crowd of people opposed to the measures filled the Statehouse wearing orange hunting vests, according to the AP.

If the legislation has already passed once, it’s unlikely to fail in the Senate a second time, which means Vermont is about to be stuck with some idiotic new laws.

While few people will really be impacted by a bump stock ban, it’s the principle of the matter that makes this so problematic. Couple it with hiking the age up for buying a gun and standard capacity magazines and we see that Vermont went in for the whole grab bag.

This won’t make a soul safer.

Rifles count for only a few hundred murders nationwide. They’re not practical for most violent crimes. All they do is prevent 18- to 20-year-olds from having the means to not just hunt but also protect themselves from violent crime. After all, they’re already barred from purchasing handguns.


Mark my words, there will be not one iota of a difference in crime in the state of Vermont that can be directly or indirectly attributed to these laws. Not one.

If anything, I expect to see an uptick in crime, particularly against younger adults. After all, criminals now know it’s basically open season on those in that age group. They can’t buy weapons to protect themselves.

Not that the gun grabbers in Vermont care about that.

All they care about is that they’ve passed the laws they want. They’ve made it harder for people to exercise their Second Amendment rights there. They think a restriction on ammo capacity and an accessory that only a handful of people own will make things safer. They act like people between the ages of 18 and 20 are going out buying guns and this taking part in an epidemic of murder.

None of this is true, and time will tell.

Yet I think we all know that when history shows this legislation accomplishes nothing, they’ll still refuse to repeal it. It’ll simply be insufficient laws that are to blame for whatever ill they see.

And we’ll begin this cycle all over again.

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