Celebs Quick To Blame The NRA For YouTube Shooting. Just One Problem

A YouTube sign is shown across the street from the company's offices in San Bruno, Calif., Tuesday, April 3, 2018. A woman opened fire at YouTube headquarters Tuesday, setting off a panic among employees and wounding several people before fatally shooting herself, police and witnesses said. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

With yesterday’s shooting at the YouTube headquarters, social media was flying hard and heavy with accusations against the NRA. One of my favorite hot takes came from good old Shannon Watts.


Actress Alyssa Milano added her two cents, as well.

Michael Ian Black had a lot to say with tweets similar to this one:


And this:


But, as we learned, the shooter wasn’t the NRA type. In fact, she went against pretty much every stereotype of attempted mass shooter out there. She was a she, for one thing. Her name is of Middle Eastern extraction, described by some as being Persian. She’s also been described as a PETA member and was clearly vegan.

Further, her rampage happened in the kind of place the anti-gunners claim it couldn’t.

California has tight gun control laws, yet she got a gun. YouTube’s headquarters was a gun free zone, yet she entered the premises and opened fire. It’s almost like gun control laws and gun free zones don’t mean jack.


Well, not quite. We have the story of this gentleman.


How interesting. Someone who was in an attempted mass shooting like this wishes he had a gun so he could have shot back? Fascinating!

Yet let’s be real here, this is not a unique situation. A lot of people find themselves wishing they had a gun at a time like that. No one likes feeling helpless and defenseless, like a newborn kitten. We’re a predatory species. We’re not comfortable being prey, which is why our instinct isn’t always to run but to sometimes fight.

Laws that disarm good, law-abiding people don’t stop things like this, and they never have. At best, they’ll stop the mythical armed citizen who gets outraged and suddenly becomes inclined to shoot up the place. That just doesn’t happen with any regularity in places without gun free zones. It’s a nonfactor.

But a potential mass shooter entering a gun free zone and opening fire? Yeah, that happens. It happens a lot more than the other.

Yet we see people like our famous friends above who still want to blame the NRA for this, despite this happening in one of the states most likely to ignore anything the NRA wants. If this can happen in a state like California–and a number of mass shootings do–then it can happen anywhere, and there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about it.


So, does anyone out there think it’s time to stop demonizing the NRA and the 5 million Americans who are members of it and maybe, just maybe, try to look for real solutions?

Especially since it appears there is evidence that this is yet another police failure?


Look, let’s say I were open to things the gun grabbers want. I’m not, but let’s play pretend.

If I were willing to support these sorts of things, I’d want to know they would actually accomplish something. As it stands, there’s no reason to think that. Especially when law enforcement failures seem to be at the root of most of these mass shootings.

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