Virginia Teen Plans 'March For Our Guns' Rally

The mainstream media would have you believe that the majority of kids are united in their desire to strip away at least part of our Second Amendment rights. Wasn’t that the whole purpose of the March For Our Lives?

However, it’s not quite that simple. Teens, like any other age group, are divided over every single topic out there.

In fact, a Virginia teen is planning his own march to counter the efforts of his better-known peers.

A teenager in Virginia is planning to hold a “March for Our Guns” rally.

Aidan Jackson, 15, said he is planning to put on the rally in May at Mount Trashmore, reported.

The plan comes after hundreds of thousands of people last month in cities across the country marched to protest gun violence and call for gun control.

“When I saw the ‘March for Our Lives,’ I saw a lot of people for gun control,” Jackson told the publication.

“Not every youth believes that. Gun control is not the answer.”

Jackson is a member of the Virginia Beach Young Republicans and said he took part in his school’s walkout last month holding a sign that said: “Gun control is not the answer.”

“Someone came up out of the blue, looked at me, read my sign and ripped my sign. The entire school applauded,” he said.

The kid is right; gun control is not the answer. All gun control does is strip guns from the law-abiding. The criminals aren’t going to be disarmed.

However, what happened to Jackson also illustrates a deeper point.

High school kids are capable of articulating an understanding of a great many issues. They have the mental capacity to understand the complexities of a topic like gun control and gun rights. If you don’t believe me, watch Kyle Kashuv’s Twitter feed sometime. That’s someone who holds his own against people who have been doing this for a living for a long, long time.

What they may not be capable of is controlling their impulses. Ripping someone’s sign, as a general rule, isn’t something that happens. A lot of adults have taken signs with contrary opinions to protests and while they get yelled at and such, rarely does anything like that happen to them. That’s because adults tend to understand the potential ramifications of that.

Teens don’t necessarily. They’re far more likely to react based on emotion. They see a sign representing opinions they don’t like and they tear it apart. They destroy it. They do that because they’re guided by things like hormones and feelings rather than reason.

Luckily, Jackson’s march shouldn’t have to deal with that. Mount Trashmore is a park in Virginia Beach, which means those who show up will be primarily proponents of the Second Amendment. While there may well be a handful with opposing messages, let’s be honest. Gun rights advocates, even young ones, tend to understand how important restraint is. Otherwise, we all get painted as psychotic.

I wish Mr. Jackson good luck with his march. May it be a resounding success.