Colion Noir Lashes Out At Claims NRA Is Racist

The NRA is racist.

No, I don’t really believe that, because I’ve seen NRA members of all races in my life and the NRA famously stood for a black man’s right to own a gun in the Supreme Court case of McDonald v. Chicago, but a lot of people do.


To that end, NRATV’s Colion Noir decided to present a history of the NRA and its relationship with black people.

“I know many of you won’t be willing to give me a chance,” Colion says, and, unfortunately, he’s right. They don’t want to hear the facts, especially from a black man that has gone off the Democratic plantation.

Still, he implores people to listen. “All I ask is that you watch,” he says.

If they do, though, I expect they’ll ignore what he says and cling bitterly to their irrationalities and fictions. They don’t want the truth. What they do want is to undermine gun ownership, and that starts with the NRA.

When I wrote “The Stigmatization Of Gun Owners,” I forgot to mention the demonization of the NRA as racist. I mentioned claims that it’s a terrorist organization, but I’ve gotten used to the accusations that the NRA is hateful, bigoted and cares nothing about minorities. It’s not that they’re factual, but that they’re old and common, enough so that I’ve already addressed them before.

This isn’t going anywhere, though. It’s our new normal for the time being, so we have to settle in and get ready to fight to keep our Second Amendment rights.

While I expect the post-Parkland outrage to die out sooner or later, there will be another incident. There’s always another incident and that won’t change no matter what the anti-gunners do. When it happens, though, all this will come back up. They’ll talk about how racist the NRA and gun owners are. We’ll be right back where we started.


Yes, I think the NRA needs more spokespeople like Noir. I have suggestions, of course, though whether those people would be interested or not remains to be seen. More white people like myself won’t change anyone’s mind about the NRA. We need as many different faces as possible to disprove these claims, to show them for the lies that they are.

What Noir misses, though, is that when so-called journalists call the NRA racist, they don’t just mean the NRA. They use those three letters as a proxy for gun owners in general. They want to paint all of us with the same broad brushstroke, even if we’re not members of the NRA. Of course, a lot of us renewed our membership because of what the mainstream media has been pulling, lately.

But I encourage you all to watch the video. There’s little in it that should be to us, but it’s still good information in a handy format that might become necessary in your own debates.

The overall point, that the media’s portrayal of the NRA as racist despite extensive evidence to the contrary, can’t be overstated.

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