One In Three Democrats Support Second Amendment Repeal

Anti-gunners constantly tell us that no one is coming after our guns. They love to say that they support the Second Amendment, but…

…well, they’re lying. Maybe not all of them, mind you. Some believe they can support gun control legislation and support the Second Amendment. Yeah, I know–I don’t get it either. But others? Oh, they’re lying like a politician on the campaign trail.


Of course, I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know. However, now we have proof.

You see, a new Quinnipiac poll shows that 33 percent of Democrats polled favored repealing the Second Amendment. Compare that to just 14 percent of Independents, which include people to the left of the Democratic party, and just four percent of Republicans.

They’re not coming for our guns, just our sacred right to keep and bear arms.

Make no mistake; a repeal of the Second Amendment is an essential item on their agenda. It has to be. Ever since the Heller decision solidified the right to keep and bear arms as an individual right, the anti-gun left has known they couldn’t enact the gun bans they’d prefer with the Second Amendment intact. They need to dismantle it.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens laid out his reasons why we should repeal the amendment in the pages of The New York Times already. It was a catalyst for many, a justification in their mind. It gave them the political cover to admit what we already knew.

“Oh, I was just swayed by the arguments of a former SCOTUS justice,” they might tweet. And it’s difficult, if not impossible, to prove otherwise. But we know.


What they don’t understand is that while we call ourselves Second Amendment supporters, it’s not the amendment itself we side with. It’s the spirit beneath that amendment we cherish. You could rename the amendment “Boogie-Boogie Kosh-Kosh,” and we’d become Boogie-Boogie Kosh-Kosh supporters. What we support is the idea that free men and women have a right to own weapons, to own the means to defend themselves and their families from anyone, be it a street thug or an Oval Office Tyrant.

We hold no illusions, though.

Repeal the amendment, and we can say goodbye to our right to own guns. Stevens’s op-ed makes the rationale clear; they want to pave the way for more gun control. They’re not pretending the amendment isn’t necessary. In fact, their arguments illustrate just how vital that Second Amendment protection is.

When the Bill of Rights was being debated, there was concern that people would think the rights protected in the Bill of Rights would form the complete list of rights that should be protected. In the end, however, the measure passed and we got the first ten amendments to the Constitution.


Yet the wisdom of that passage is clearly illustrated by anti-gun Democrats who clearly want to repeal the Second Amendment in order to impose harsher, more strict regulations on guns and gun owners.

The problem is, that’s how you spark real trouble. A genuine effort to go after our right to keep and bear arms may well be the last straw for many Americans.

Do it, and the country itself will be in peril.

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