Wisconsin Felon Admits To Enlisting Girlfriend To Make Straw Buys

While anti-gunners are convinced we have way too many guns on our streets, the truth of the matter is that the system for keeping new guns out of the hands of bad guys works about as well as it possibly can. We know it does because so few guns are actually obtained new from gun stores.

However, a handful are. Occasionally, you can chalk it up to a crooked dealer, but not always. In fact, that’s actually fairly rare.

Instead, the crooks simply go around the system, usually with a straw buyer, like this Wisconsin felon did.

A felon from Wisconsin has admitted in court that he told his girlfriend to buy five guns that were turned over to an ex-convict in Minneapolis.

Michael P. Coupe, 27, of Hayward, pleaded guilty last week in U.S. District Court in St. Paul to two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Coupe is in federal custody in the Anoka County jail awaiting sentencing.

According to prosecutors, Coupe directed co-defendant Jamie Fleming, 31, of Hayward, to buy four pistols and a rifle last year and falsely state on the federal forms that she was buying them for herself.

That’s how it’s done, time and time again.

Meanwhile, the only people really slowed down by increasing regulations are the law-abiding citizen who wants to exercise his or her Second Amendment rights.

Anti-gunners want to know why so many of us get bent out of shape when they propose new regulations? This is why. We know that it won’t actually stop the criminals. They’ll simply get someone else to jump through the hoops or they’ll buy a stolen weapon off the streets. They’re not going to be stopped or even slowed down in their quest to obtain a firearm.

But we are. We’re slowed down. We’re burdened with the baggage and treated like criminals because we want guns. Frankly, I think many would be OK with it if they thought it would keep guns out of the wrong hands. Unfortunately for everyone, it won’t. It’ll just be another burden that will dissuade potential gun owners.

And yes, there are law-abiding citizens who are intimidated by the paperwork and that’s why they don’t have a gun even though they might feel the need for one. I’ve known a few.

But the criminals? Well, they’ll just keep on doing what they’re doing, which is finding a way to get those guns regardless of what the law says.

The anti-gunners will continue to be oblivious to the reality of the world and keep pushing for more regulations, then get all offended when we don’t bow to their demands. They’ll pretend we want to arm criminals, all while ignoring everything we say and every article we show illustrating how these new rules won’t impact the criminals one bit.

Life will continue on.

Unfortunately for the anti-gunners, though, most people aren’t that zealous in their hatred of private firearm ownership. They can look at the reality and think, “Hmmm…maybe the problem isn’t too few gun laws after all.”

At least, let’s hope so.