Shannon Watts Pretends 'Average Citizens' Didn't Stop Oklahoma Shooting

Oh, good old Shannon Watts. She’s always good for a hot take, now isn’t she?

Most recently, in the aftermath of what might have been a mass shooting in Oklahoma, Watts had to point out that the two armed citizens who stopped the attack weren’t “average citizens.”


Hmmmmm. Fascinating, Shannon.

Please, tell us more.

For example, tell us all about how the police aren’t citizens, or how the National Guard trains its troops for active shooter situations with privately owned handguns.

Of course, let’s not forget that police officers have also been criticized for their accuracy in shootouts before. It’s almost like folks like Shannon are trying to have their cake and eat it too. Tsk, tsk.

Let’s be clear here. Regardless of where Juan Nazario, the former police officer, got his training, he wasn’t a police officer anymore. Brian Whittle wasn’t on duty with the National Guard either.

No, both were living as private citizens, bound by all the same laws you and I are. Nazario was kicking back after work, trying to relax when the shooting started.


What happened then is exactly the kind of thing Shannon is trying to pretend doesn’t really happen. The two men were required to become the “good guy with a gun.” So they did.

Yes, both men previously served in roles that required some amount of firearms training, that’s never been our point about civilian firearm ownership. Our point rests in the fact that both men, despite neither currently enjoying any protected status from gun carry laws, had access to guns. Period.

They could rush to their cars to get their firearms because they had their guns in their cars. Plain and simple.

People like Shannon Watts would have seen both men disarmed and as a result, people would have died in that bar. Possibly a lot of people. If not in the bar, then the killer might have found somewhere else to go and found more targets. Who knows how it would have played out?

What we do know, however, is that a lot fewer people died because armed citizens responded and dealt with the threat long before police could arrive.

It doesn’t matter where they got their training. What matters is that they were there, armed, and ended a life-threatening situation by bringing down a maniac.


Policies supported by people like Shannon Watts would have prevented just that.

Notice she leaves that out of her hot take, which is normal. When an armed citizen responds, she tries to find a way to spin it so that it doesn’t really count, but completely ignores that her positions would have had both men disarmed and would have them serve as nothing but fodder for the killer. This isn’t really surprising, though. It’s not like she can admit that armed citizens are a good thing, not with her deriving all of her income from opposing that exact thing.

Well, they did. Guns saved lives. Again.

No matter how many hot takes Shannon gives, she’ll never be able to change that simple, basic fact.

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