London Proves Once Again How Weapons Laws Are Useless


London became something of a laughing stock when they banned the carrying of knives. It seems that while the law-abiding citizens of London were already disarmed, the criminals in the city weren’t and were using knives to wreak havoc on the defenseless population.


So, London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that the carrying of knives was to be banned.

How did that work out? You tell me.

Well, isn’t that special. From the Daily Mail’s story on YouTube:

A cyclist wielding a huge ‘zombie’ knife tried to smash a motorist’s window during a terrifying rush hour road rage row in front of stunned London commuters. Dashcam footage captures the horrifying moment the young man sprinted after a Volkswagen Polo on a busy high street in Croydon before trying to break through the driver’s side window in a frenzied attack. The chilling attack comes amid a knife crime epidemic in London that has so far claimed 43 lives this year.

I’m not going to comment on the driving because, well, England is weird when it comes to cars. They’re all tiny, and they drive on the wrong side of the road and…it’s just weird.

But not quite as weird as someone whipping out a knife that Rambo would be proud of trying to attack the driver. Clearly, this isn’t possible. Carrying knives is illegal, and everyone knows that you don’t break the law, right? It’s just impossible!


Or, maybe–hear me out here–those who are inclined toward violence will disobey any law they want to and justify it however they want to. They’re simply going to act out violently with whatever weapon they can get their hands on and guess what? The innocent victim was completely defenseless. He had no recourse but to either stay and be killed or run for his life.

And these are the options many people want for us Americans. They want us to either run for our lives or to be slaughtered by maniacs wielding whatever weapons they choose, lambs to the slaughter.

This is also why so many of us refuse to budge on the issue of guns. We know that the bad guys will always have weapons. We want to make sure we have them ourselves. The difference is that I can put a gun in the hands of a 98-pound individual and they could take down someone the size of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I wouldn’t count on that happening with a knife.

Laws like these that London has embraced, and that so many Americans seem to want for us, don’t make people safer. They endanger those who most need protecting. They make them vulnerable rather than empower them. They create victims, not survivors.


When anti-weapon fanatics target a particular weapon, they’re only looking at the weapon itself. They’re failing to look at the ramifications over the long term. Maybe they don’t care. I don’t know, and I don’t care.

What I do care about is the video above. That’s our future if we’re not careful. We’re going to be that guy in the blue car, scared out of our minds because some guy with a knife striving for machete status is banging on our window and seemingly desperate to get at us.

It’s why we must fight and why we must fight smart. We can’t afford to lose.

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