Video: The Only Ones Professional Enough To Handle A Gun? How About No.

By now, most of you have probably already seen the video of the FBI agent dropping his firearm while dancing, then accidentally discharging it when he tries to pick it up.


If not, here’s the video.

This is the kind of person we’re told are the only ones professional enough to be trusted with guns?

There’s so much FUBAR with this agent’s firearm handling that I could probably write a blasted book about it. I won’t go into carrying small of the back. While I think it’s a bad place to carry for a lot of reasons, it still boils down to personal preference.

However, I will say that if he had a decent holster, this shouldn’t happen. After all, half the purpose of using a holster is to keep you from losing your gun, especially when you’re doing flips and crap on a dance floor.

Then, after dropping his weapon, he should have taken his time and followed the basic gun safety rules. He didn’t.

As a result, another man was reportedly shot.

Nice job, jackwagon.

The one upside is that there’s no evidence he was pontificating about how he was the only one qualified to be trusted with a firearm. You know, unlike some other federal agents that come to mind.

Of course, the point in our “favorite” DEA agent’s favor is that he only shot himself, so there’s that.


Meanwhile, we’re constantly told that we private citizens can’t be trusted with firearms. We don’t have sufficient training to be trusted with guns in some people’s minds. These folks say that the police and military undergo a great deal of training and thus can be trusted, but despite the thousands of hours many of us spend training with our weapons, we’re inadequately equipped with sufficient knowledge.

To be fair, we have incidents in our ranks.

The thing is, these things happen. However, I’ll also point out that many law enforcement officers don’t really “study” firearms. They’re not gun people. They’re police officers or state troopers or federal agents. A gun is just a tool of the trade, which is fine. However, because of that fact, a handful tend not to internalize the responsibility of carrying that firearm. They don’t think about the little details of gun handling, stuff like “don’t put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to fire.”

You know, the things we armed citizens tend to keep in mind on a daily basis. After all, those rules are all but beaten into us at every step. We police our own for failing to do just that.


I mean, how many times have you seen a picture in a gun group or forum on the internet of an attractive woman holding a firearm and almost immediately people are criticizing the weapon handling? “Keep the booger hook off the bang switch,” someone will comment. Another will echo the sentiment.

We browbeat our peers into being safer with firearms. Federal agents? Apparently, not so much.

So when we’re told law enforcement and military personnel are the only ones who should have access to firearms, you can imagine why we can’t help but laugh.

Don’t get me wrong; there are lots of officers at all levels of law enforcement who handle their weapons responsibly. The point is, having a badge doesn’t make you immune to being an idiot when it comes to guns.

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